Party in Warmth this Winter

Just because the nights are slightly colder, doesn’t mean you have to put the party on hold till summer. Winter is a great time to host an event, with endless themes, plenty of devices to keep you warm, and the opportunity for lazy guests to don their most comfortable winter garb. Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas for your next winter party.

Serve Hot Food and Drinks


Serving hot food and drinks is a great way to defrost your guests and keep the winter chill away. Hot food will heat your guests from the inside out. Soup and warmed bread is easy and very warming. You can have a few soup varieties in different pots, ready for guests to serve themselves. You could also serve up a nice curry or even piping hot meat pies. Warmed cake, waffles or pancakes would make a good desert.

Another great way to keep partygoers warm is to serve hot drinks. Coffee, tea and hot cocoa are great for non-alcoholic drinks. Or you can make a big pot of hot chocolate so guests can serve themselves; add marshmallows for them to sprinkle on top. Mulled wine is a tasty and warm alcoholic beverage. Mulled wine is easy to prepare. It’s really just a combination of wine and lovely festive spices like cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. This brew should be heated gently so the flavours have lots of time to combine and you can ladle it straight from the pot into wine glasses when your guests arrive.

Choose a Winter Theme

Choose a winter theme and decorate in wintry colours, like white, grey and blue and even add some fake snow. Pick a theme that allows everyone to dress up in their warmest clothes. Why not throw a pyjama party and have everyone turn up in the warmest flannelettes? Or a secret agent party where trench coats are the preferred costume?

You could hire a projector from Modern Party Hire and get everyone to bring blankets so you can have a snug movie party. Just add popcorn. Heated inflatable spas are also available for hire, so you can have a great pool party in the middle of winter.

What about a penguin party? This can be a really cute theme for a winter party. You can make some stuffed penguin decorations and even make penguin shaped invitations. Add a bowl of blue punch with a sign saying ocean. Penguin costumes are simple to make, will keep you warm, and even serve as a great icebreaker. After all, who doesn’t like ridiculous in a penguin outfit

Firepits and Heaters

When the warm clothes simply don’t cut it, opt for an outdoor fire pit or heater. These can be found at any hardware or home décor store, and are easy to install and maintain. Fire pits are a great investment for outdoor living area, offering versatility and instant ambiance. Just think: Roasting marshmallows, relaxing after a long day with a glass of wine, or even cooking a hearty meal!

Don’t let the cold weather deter you from having a good time. Winter party ideas are really only limited by your imagination. If you have any winter party ideas we’d love to hear them, just add them to the comments box below. Happy winter partying!

Put yourself out there: How to network in the digital industry

Thanks to the possibilities and capabilities of digital communication, significant changes to your life can occur almost instantly because of digital networking. So how do you go about it? How do you take advantage of these exciting possibilities? Read on to discover some rules and tips that will allow you to network effectively, opening up doors everywhere.

Control Your Network

As a professional online, you really need to be discerning about who you accept or request as a friend. You should also be very careful about accepting a testimonial which is provided without request. There’s no doubt that social media can merge our professional and personal lives, but it pays to be careful about who you network with online, the extent to which you interact or share details and the nature of your interactions. [Read more...]

Bayern crash out of Champions League disastrously

Titleholders Bayern Munich where no match whatsoever for Real Madrid who may not have totally outclassed them, but definitely outscored, and outsmarted the Bavarians.

It was bound to happen. Despite being so positive and all-out supportive for my dear Bayern side, it was clear to see with about 20 minutes into the second leg that this ain’t be Bayern’s night. It’s such a disappointment, because the fans have prepared very well and were very supportive before and throughout most of the game.

[Read more...]

Football Talk: Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich Preview

Real Madrid will host titleholders Bayern Munich in a match, that could decide who’s going to win the Champions League this year.

Both Real Madrid and Bayern Munich count as being title favorites, which makes it a bit disappointing that arguably the two best football clubs in the world at the moment have to face each other in the semis of the Champions League, instead of meeting in the final. However, one should not discount Atletico Madrid and Chelsea’s effort in the Champions League thus far. Both of these have done exceptionally well eliminating title favorites Barcelona and defending League 1 champs Paris Saint-Germain respectively. [Read more...]

Still space for a return to blogging?

I’ve put promises left and right. I tried to motivate myself and my fellow writers by leaving strong words whenever I had the chance to grasp them and utilize them on any of the blogs we command. But, is there really any space to return to blogging? For me? For my fellow Pinoy Teens Contributors? For the Philippine Teens Media?

A lot of things have been bothering me, well, hindering me from doing any blogging at all. This includes but is not limited to the people in real life who consume a lot of the time that used to be dedicated for blogging. I’m not blaming them or anything, I’m pointing out that I need to be more disciplined about my schedule. Also, the schedule at which time I go to bed.

Can I still make it into the blogging scene? [Read more...]

The biggest idea yet

It felt like I have been hit by a thunder. Ideas rushed through my mind, it was hard to concentrate on one or another, and that was exactly the point of it. I have blogged way too much about one specific thing or another and it always concerned me if blogging about something totally irrelevant to an earlier article might be bothering for my readers to read, or actually something nice. It made me realize that I should loosen up a bit on the one-niche blogging discipline that I have used on a few of my ghost blogs. This is also something that I will apply to a blog that I’ll be presenting to you soon. Like I have told you since forever, it’s the return of the come back of one of the hottest youth blogger of 2008!
[Read more...]

First Date Tips

If you’ve just gotten back into the dating scene, you may have noticed that dating ain’t what it used to be. It’s certainly become more technological driven and somewhat detached as late night phone calls are replaced with short, snappy and unemotional text messages – you can really gauge a person by their grammar and use of acronyms in a text. With all these digital shortcuts, you need to put in the extra work to get to know a person better. Want to know the way to do that? A first date; none of this lets hang out with a group of friends and see where the night takes us date, a real grown up date where you wine, dine and figure out if there’s some chemistry. I get your hesitation, leaping into anything for the first time can be daunting and first dates are no exception. You only ever get one first date with a person, one shot that can either open or shut the door to a second date. A first date is your time to shine and make a great first impression; the potential to connect with someone and begin to know them can be thrilling and at the same time anxiety provoking. Obviously, there are some common sense things you should do to ensure the night goes smoothly, here are just a few.

Don’t be late

first date

There are understandably times when you can’t help but be late for a first date, however tardiness will essentially set the tone for the rest of the date and it can set you up for failure. Showing up late tells your date that you don’t think they are a priority and imparts a lot about your time management skills and consideration for others. If there is some unfortunate reason why you will be late, make sure you call them in advance to let them know that you are on your way.

Dress to impress

I don’t like to quote Carrie Bradshaw , but she did make a good point when she said first dates are like job interviews with cocktails. It’s not about wearing clothes to impress the other person, it’s about wearing your favourite outfit and scents like perfume, cologne or even lynx deodorant to feel bold and confident. When you feel fabulous, you radiate fabulousness and your date will be able pick up on this.

Be Gracious

You know how your parents always taught you to say please and thank you? Well this always applies in dating as well as everywhere else. If you’re date pays you a compliment, don’t shy away from it, embrace it. Even at the end of night, a little gratitude goes a long way when you thank your date for the lovely evening. For some women (myself included) a deal breaker during a first date is how polite you are to the wait staff. Treating your attendant like a second class citizen is a no go zone; you may think you’re being impressive, but you only come across as self-important.

Phones In Bag Policy

Checking your text messages, posting to Facebook or answering a call while you are on a first date indicates that you have something better you’d like to be doing. Before you get to your date, turn your phone to silent and put it out of sight.

Be Your Awesome Self

One of the most underrated and difficult things you can do on a date is to be yourself. This person has obviously agreed to go out with you for a reason, so don’t let nerves stop you from enjoying the night and having fun.
Got any more tips you’d like to share? Tell us in the comments below.

Typhoon Zoraida and Yolanda, Pinoy Teens, girlfriend and more…

It’s been a while again since my last personal blog post. Luckily, not because I fell out of love to blog, but because of a few other circumstances and events that occurred. Take Typhoon Yolanda that I have warned you about, for instance. A more expanded coverage on that subject matter is posted on Pinoy Teens.

At the moment, I’m here with my girlfriend at her Dormitory. We’re currently standing by in the common area of the said place. It’s raining quite hard. There’s no stop in sight for the meantime. Just like I have posted on my other blog, this seems to be the work by a new tropical depression that is headed for the Philippines named Zoraida.

Zoraida won’t spare Davao this time.

Indeed not. Zoraida isn’t going to spare Davao City nor neighboring regions. During Yolanda’s entry and landfall, Davao City was spared of any kind of rain. It was actually quite surprising and I’m probably not the only one who was stunned by this. Looks like we’ve totally jinxed it this time.

At the end of the day, we are still quite lucky to only experience moderate to heavy rain for a small timeframe. There’s not even any Storm Signal raised here in the Metro of Davao.

Pinoy Teens going up?

Pinoy Teens has been performing okay again – specially since the move to WP Engine. A few financial constraints and unforeseen expenses that I have not budgeted won’t allow me to sustain that premium hosting for the mean time though. :( But the important takeaway from this is, that Pinoy Teens is performing okay and is earning a bit on the side now too. It even looked like I have been caring more for the site again. That’s a very good thing.

And… what about my girlfriend?

Well, my girlfriend is right here beside me. She’s resting, because she still has work later this evening. She’s even a bit hormonal right now, so I guess it’s best served that I leave her as-is and just focus on my writing.

Of course, I’m still very much in love with her. Nothing will change that. :) If you feel like it, watch the video she made for the 100th day we’re together. :p

What’s in store next?

As it stands… I’ll just continue with all the blogs that I am running. Writing consistently and being extremely patient and positive about the earning side of things. It’ll come eventually. It just has to come one day. For now, it’s still Pinoy Teens that does all the earning… But hopefully that will change in the coming weeks and months.

Beware of Typhoon Yolanda

An update about Typhoon Yolanda which is inching closer and closer to the Philippines. Typhoon Yolanda is a super typhoon with the international codename of Haiyan.

The Philippines is to undergo yet another natural calamity. This time, all of Visayas (and probably other parts of the Philippines) are about to experience the wrath of the upcoming Typhoon Yolanda. The typhoon I’m talking about goes with the International Codename of Haiyan.

As it stands in the most recent update that I have published, it has accelerated its path towards the Philippines and is expected to hit land this coming Thursday already. Nobody wants to experience calamities like these. But it seems like this one is one of this inevitable ones, were the best thing one can do is prepare for the worse and hope for the best to happen.

Some of my friends from the Compostela Valley including those victims of Typhoon Pablo last year in Cateel have been quite worried about the upcoming typhoon. It is more likely though that Visayas will take the full toll of Yolanda.

Let’s help each other out. Stay updated. Keep your gadgets charged. Keep important belongings away from water-prone areas. Load up your mobile phones. Report whatever you have to report immediately to the online world and local authorities.

Keep safe everyone, and God bless.

My Favorite Mac App #1: OS X Mavericks

In this post series, I’m going to write about my favorite Mac apps that I use every single day. I hope you’ll like it. :)

I’m starting off with OS X Mavericks as my favorite Mac app. Yep. I know. It’s more than just a Mac app, it’s one heck of an Operating System! Not just any, but the latest, most advanced operating system to have ever come to a Mac. It’s also one of the my personally most anticipated OSes because it claimed to make the battery life of my amazing Macbook Air even more awesome — spoiler: it did.

My Macbook Air now easily gets to 10 hours on a single charge. Sometimes it even gets to 12-15 hours if I’m just doing simple things and merely write and surf a bit. That’s how great the battery life of my Macbook Air is, thanks to OS X Mavericks.

(For those having problems with OS X Mavericks “less than a minute remaining” during installation, click here.)

It was quite a gamble for me at first to go with the newly released Macbook Air last July (they got released a month earlier), but I guess the gamble was worth it. The Macbook Air was the only Mac laptop then that was already updated to Haswell. I know, it doesn’t sport discrete graphics, but I don’t need stuff like that on a laptop that I just want to blog and play some DotA on. The Macbook Air lineup did not get updated at Apples recent refresh of Mac hardware (and release of Mavervicks) which is pretty much the cherry on top of it all. My Macbook Air still counts to the latest and greatest of its kind!

I know. I should be going a bit more in depth with OS X Mavericks. But I know people who are way better in getting deep with shizz like this. I will, however, get to mentioned a few ups that OS X Mavericks comes bundled with my future “My Favorite Mac App” blog post here on - so, stay tuned!