Tips on Studying for your Next Exam

Exams are not fun for anyone, and let’s face it: no one would make the decision to partake if they didn’t have to. However, if you’re studying, they usually come with the territory. So instead of completely losing your cool when it comes to preparation time, try following some of the below tips to get […]

My First Leadership Training

The Annual PWC Leadership Training initiated by our school’s Office of Student Affairs was the first Leadership Training that I’ve ever attended. It was a truly remarkable experience for me, it was truly a first of its kind. I’m still quite overwhelmed by all the good vibes I’ve brought home with me from the said […]

KP Creations relaunches

Oh. My. God. Seriously, it’s been well over 4 years since the last time that I wrote a decent poem. I can’t remember when I last worked on a song. Here I am, trying to find a way back into writing something lyrical or poetic. Inspiration to write a poem or a song has been […]

3J and Kadayawan 2014

I thought that last year’s Kadayawan was quite something. Kadayawan 2014 has been the best Kadayawan for me thus far — save for the time when I was still studying at Sta. Ana and performed during Kadayawan. The introvert in me has started to make a few friends and connections. If last year, I was […]