My Girlfriend is a Registered Medical Technologist!

Just looking at the MedTech Board Examination Results for August – September 2013 doesn’t really mean anything. You’d see about a thousand something names listed, all who have passed the said examination to become a Registered Medical Technologist here in the Philippines. Yet every single one of them has his or her own story to […]

What to do With Yourself now You’ve Finished Your Degree

Are you ready to join the workforce?

By Ethan Sagen Finishing university is exciting. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel – no more lectures, no more exams. Then the reality hits. Big decisions need to be made. There are a number of things you can do to prepare yourself after finishing your degree, and it’s not as hard as […]

Could “this be it”?

For a moment, I considered the thought that I was barely overwhelmed by the emotions of mine, in regards to the relationship that I’m in right now. But as the days go by, I’m starting having thoughts that “this is it”, that she could truly be the one. Or am I a bit too hasty […]

Protected: When the ‘Pasts’ still haunt you

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Two Months of Heaven

Honey and I.

Hello there. Yep, I guess this is going to be my very first blog post in which I’ll talk about my present girlfriend. Not just that, it seems like this is going to be my very first blog post too, since my poor little Macbook Air (sort of) died on me almost two weeks ago. Anyways, […]