Finally meeting Mary Claire

The first meeting of ours dates back just a couple of days… Thursday, January 12, 2012 to be exact. It took us over 2-3 failed plans to finally push one of our plans through and see each other for the first time.

Meeting Maria Klara would have been an awesome experience, and no doubt it truly was, but I still had to get the monkey of my shoulder (my talk in Pagadian) which somehow entangled me and limited how much fun I should have then. Klara suggested we’d eat at one of her favorite places, Tita Fannie’s which very much resembles Davao’s very own Penongs.

I was so relieved to have finally settled down on a chair that wasn’t shaking me all the time. Finally, away from all the bus rides which have really taken toll on me. I never thought it would take me 9 hours just to get to Cagayan de Oro(!) as you might have figured out narin, the ride to Iligan from CDO was pretty much kiddie play compared to the 9 hours of my earlier ride; the CDO to Iligan route was about 2 hours, no more no less.

Back to the semi-dinner-date-eb or whatever you want to call it with Maria Klara though!

So here we are, sitting at one of Tita Fannie’s rocking tables waiting for our food. I had pretty much no idea what I should order so I ordered whatever she decided to order. I figured she knows best because it seemed to be one of her favorite dining places.

My pitiful Kodak Camera, dating back to 2008 wasn’t cooperating well that afternoon. The battery was as good as empty leaving me with little options to capture the moment somehow. Well I at least managed to take a picture of the food and that was about it. One more notable thing though was the waiting number we’ve been assigned to, which was the number 18.

Ang gulo lang ng article ko.  :p

After our sumptuous meal, we headed back to the nearby mall, Gaisano. One, for me to buy some food that I’d eat on my way to Pagadian, two to buy some batteries for my camera and third, to pick up my belongings that I left at the deposit counter.

I think it was still a little bit awkward-ish. I mean, we didn’t talk a lot that afternoon. I was still a bit shy, and I had difficulties hiding it aside from acting quiet. In truth though, I wanted to talk on and on but didn’t knew how to connect.

Maria Klara and I were roaming through the streets of Iligan after we did the 3 tasks at Gaisano. I have accompanied her to her friends house to pick up her bag which she had left there. We walked on again, roaming through the streets looking for a specific jeepney route which would part us when it reached the South Bus Terminal.

It started to rain a bit, and I noticed it just a little late. I suggested she’d cover her head with my polo shirt, but she pretty much confirmed what I was worried about it saying, kanina pa ako nabasa sa ulan, okay lang uy… Aside from the given that she was already pretty much soaked in the rain even prior our meetup, I had this hunch that she was a bit shy… :p

And there you go. Nothing much happened nor have been talked about as we boarded our jeepney bound for the terminal where she’d drop me off and her home.

Feeling ko talaga ay sobrang bitin ang aming pagkikita. I’ve waited so long for this day to come and all we did was eat together and roam around for a while, pegging in at just about 3 hours spent which the presence of one another. That’s when I thought we should meet again before I finally head back to Davao City…. but, I guess that’s something worthy of another post.

Something else to look forward to being published here and on the Pinoy Teens Media Blog are the following:

  • PSITS IX Conference
  • Finally meeting Mary Claire part 2

Stay in touch and keep reading!

One More Year with PTNM this 2012

I’ve promised so much in the last 2 years. I’ve planned so many things in the last two years. I’ve failed in almost everything I took charge of…

2012 is going to be the biggest year yet for Pinoy Teens and my colleagues. It’s the year in which we hope to achieve beyond our expectations, and beyond anything that Pinoy Teens has ever reached before. Something inside me believes that 2012 is going to be a great year for me and for my blogging life. I hope it beholds truth. [Read more...]

Thermos Food Fest @ North Zen Basic Spaces

Pinoy Teens attended the Thermos Food Fest at North Zen Basic Spaces last December 6, 2011. The Thermos Food Fest gave attendees the opportunity to learn various affordable yet tasty recipes for Christmas, while introducing the new Genuine Thermos Brand Cookware.

The Chef who accommodated the audience was no other than Niño Laus.

Aside from the delicious food that was presented to us and how we could DIY in our homes this Christmas season, the real star of the afternoon was the new lineup of Thermos Cookware!

I really thought that Thermos was all about Thermal Containers for beverages and food, but their product lineup has become so extensive that you can now cook using the Genuine Thermos Brand Cookware!

Advantages of Thermos Cookware

The Genuine Thermos Brand Cookware may come with a hefty price tag at first look, but you’ll later on realize that it’s actually pretty reasonable. You don’t get high quality products for free, you know :D

Thermos Cookware come along with a lot of great advantages with includes but is not limited to the following:

Thermal Cookware is basically a slow cooker or crock-pot that doesn’t need any electricity or the like and it has many advantages, especially for people who are camping, caravanning or four wheel driving. One big advantage is that you use a lot less gas, and with wood fires becoming harder and harder to use because of fire restrictions imposed by national parks, reserves or councils, campers find themselves cooking more and more on the gas stovetop. And it’s not always easy to just drop into the nearest gas refill store or garage and get the gas bottle topped up or exchanged.

For more information and updates about The Genuine Thermos Brand Cookware or other products, follow them on Twitter. If you’d like to see some demo videos yourself, refer to this link.

Photos, as always courtesy of: The Traveling Nomad

Pasko Fiesta sa Davao 2011 launch

PASKO FIESTA in Davao opened at Davao City’s People’s Park last December 5, 2011. In attendance during the event were fellow Davao residents along with public officials, the Davao Bloggers and our very own Mayor Inday Sara Duterte.

I may have lived in Davao City ever since I was still in Grade 5, yet I was never able to attend to a Christmas opening here in Davao, not even the first Pasko Fiesta opening that happened last year.

Now on its second run, the Christmas Season in Davao opened with a bang!

Featured Image courtesy of Renz Bulseco

On BlogFest 2.0 and Philippine Blog Awards

Last weekend must have been the most exciting and fun weekend I’ve ever had in recent memory. I was one of over hundred bloggers from all over the archipelago who attended BlogFest 2.0 in General Santos City.

One word, epic… It was simply epic.

I’ve not only enjoined company from fellow Davao Bloggers and fellow Bloggers from Mindanao, but have learned a lot from all the outstanding speakers at the event. I’ll speak more on that later on, though. :)

It was a perfect affair for me, it was also the first event that I have attended with my fellow Pinoy Teens colleague and girlfriend, Princess Salan. Making it even more special.

BlogFest 2.0 was definitely a special event for her, because it was her first ever major blogging event. Lucky, her debut in the blogging scene happened in General Santos City!

On Philippine Blog Awards – Mindanao

I’m very happy that Faust and Olan from and have won in their respective categories at the Philippine Blog Awards – Mindanao. They truly deserve the recognition for all their hard work and dedication; this goes out to all other nominees and winners from Mindanao!

On Philippine Blog Awards – National

Pinoy Teens has been nominated in two categories, the Readers and Bloggers Choice category at the Philippine Blog Awards 2011 – National. It makes me feel happy and has definitely boosted my motivation. :) It doesn’t look though as if Pinoy Teens is going to win anything in the nationwide scene just yet, maybe next year or so… but still, I’m very happy about it that we’ve passed the screening and are one of the finalists in those categories.

Thanks to everyone who believes in Pinoy Teens and has voted for Pinoy Teens.

Paramihan ng Likes for Readers Choice Award?

One thing that I can’t understand is the mechanics to vote for your favorite blog in the Readers Choice Award. I know, I’m not the only one who’s going to react on this, but this certainly doesn’t seem right. This doesn’t count for only the PBA nomination but for various other contest that have been going on at Facebook in the past. In my experience, whoever gets away with the most number of likes isn’t the one who is most preferred by readers.. but the one who campaigns best among their friends.

Indeed, I’m also promoting my entry to all my friends and colleagues as well. But this criteria for future “Readers Choice Awards” needs to change.

I think it’s best if next time, it won’t be based on likes, but on some certain criteria, like who has the most active readership (based on comments) on their most recent articles or so, or maybe based on how often certain articles have been shared or on how active ones blog has been over all and the average comments per article from one set date to another (Jan 2011 – Dec 2011, to avoid giving established blogs with thousands of comments an advantage like mine would have then).

Of course I’ll go with the flow and play the game with the most likes no matter how it’ll end up, but like I said above, it won’t be the one with the most outstanding readership that’ll win, but the one who campaigns best among their friends.

Disclaimer: I’m aware that one of my friends has also been nominated for the Readers Choice Award. But I just have to get this word out, because it’s so wrong, I already wrote about this in other contest, too.

BlogFest 2.0 – I’m so excited!

BlogFest is about 30 hours away from now.. but I’m so excited that I can’t sleep! I know I share this sheer excitement with many other bloggers as well! So, what’s making me so excited and thrilled about the second rendition of the General Santos City hosted BlogFest?

  • Meeting Avel and Orman – I’ve seen either of the two at some occasions throughout the year, but I’ve barely caught two birds with a single stone! Meh, it’s gonna be another bun, meat, bun (sandwich) photo again when I’m amidst the two!
  • It’s going to be more epic than the former! – BlogFest 1.0 was one heck of an event already, and this one is looking to be much more fun, and more epic! I don’t intend to undermine or underrate the first version, hah, even that event was great, but the way things shape up and all the hype that’s going on around BlogFest 2.0, this is certainly the blogging event of the year in Mindanao!
  • Davao Bloggers galore in Gensan! – Olan, Faust, Lyle, Brendel, Alma, you name ‘em! Most, of the Davao Bloggers will head out to our neighbors from General Santos City to attend this once in a life time event (next year it’ll be BlogFest 3.0, so technically, BlogFest 2.0 is a once in a lifetime event :p)!
  • Pinoy Teens represented by my girlfriend – This will be the first major blogging event that my girlfriend will attend to, how lucky she must be that her debut blogging event is going to be the BlogFest! The first major event that I attended though, also happened in Gensan which dates back 3 years… Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2.0!
  • Getting my blogging vibes back! – I’m so positive about it that after this event, I’m going to be ubber inspired to keep blogging again the way I used to. :)
What BlogFest has to offer:
Of course, the list of speakers is in good shape as well, with incredible speakers all over the place! YOU, what are you most excited about BlogFest 2.0?!

5 Favorite Facebook Buds for 2011

I just realized that it has been some time since my last blog post about my favorite and most appreciated Facebook friends… It’s been over a year na!

So, before I start procrastinating again and skipping this post altogether for another year or two… Let me introduce to you, my five best Facebook Buds for the year 2011! (In any order)

  • Jazzy Enelya – She’s my online Mom. One of many Mom’s that I have online! (lol) Jazzy is the one person that I can really trust and share my happy and fucked-up moments with. We share a lot in common, playing online games, creating content, et al. She’s certainly one of those few quality friends I’ve got out of Facebook. :D
  • Aira Lheiz Aquino – Another favorite of mine is our very own Aira, the graphics designer for everything Pinoy Teens. Header, logos and banners, she’s the first person that comes to mind when I need any of these. I’m happy that she’s part of our small Pinoy Teens Family, even though we’re not active, at least, we’re tight. :) I’m happy for her that she’s finally made the transition from High School to College life. It always makes me happy when I can chime in a few words to help inspire a person… – just like Aira’s perseverance inspired me.
  • Karizza Oriel – The Oreo girl. Este, the other Pinoy Teens girl that I’ve met this year. We’ve been friends on Facebook for a long time, but it’s just recently that we became “friends”. Another fella that I can talk to about stuff that troubles me at any given time! Kaso, nakakagutom lang talaga ‘tong family name nito. Oreo talaga naiisip ko.
  • Domdom Amarado – The third Pinoy Teens member on the list! Lol. He’s been a good friend to me this year, and has listened to most of my tragic stories… Emotero ako eh.. pero kung alam niyo lang…. Trivia: Domdom is one of the very few males that I chitchat every now and then on Facebook.
  • Don Chen – I’ve known this one for a long, long time already, but I doubt we’ve ever talked in person.. so, heto, kasali ka sa listahan ko! He’s become one heck of a blogger and SEO personell. Far advanced that I am at the moment, and he’s come a long way since starting out in the blogging world. It makes me feel happy somehow, that I’ve become part of his success by giving advices and so. :D
And this concludes my high five Facebook Friends of 2011 :D
Thank you for being there for me when I needed someone to talk to. I really appreciate your friendship and virtual presence in times when I feel being talkative :p
I hope that out of this virtual friendship we have, we can meet up one day to seal the deal of being real friends. (seal real deal, rhymes! lol)
Again, thank you to all of you :D,
Student Blogger

“Go lang ng go” sa Davao Bloggers Christmas Party Handog ng Globe!

True, Christmas is still way over a month ahead of us, yet it was no excuse for Globe to host a small party for the hyperactive blogging community of Davao City last November 10, 2011.

The party was certainly one of the most memorable events that happened in my adventurous blogging journey this year. Not just because it was hosted by Globe, not just because it was only hosted for the active blogging community of Davao, but because of everyone who was present at the said affair.

Matagal tagal ko na rin hindi nakikita sina Lyle Santos, Winston and co. sa isang okasyon na hind tungkol sa launching ng isang bagong produkto o di kaya sa isang preskon… It felt good to be with like minded people and be away from my Mac. I have never laughed so naturally, so carelessly and freely in a long time. In other words, I started enjoying being a blogger again, isn’t that what using Globe is all about? Enjoying the life and have it the way you want it to be? :)

Renz, Karla, Natalie, Anj, Kuya Olan, Richard and Princess accompanied me on the table where I sat… and we’ve definitely been the loudest group of the 3 tables full of bloggers. We talked about various issues that were circulating around the web, exchanged a few ideas about our Davao Bloggers Christmas Party and of course, had a ton of fun while doing that. Tamang tama lang at nababawasan ang stress ko ngayon dahil dito.

Everything was right that evening, from the food we got a the Probinsya (which is located near Victoria Plaza) to the fun games and raffle draws.

The whole blogger group was invited to get close and seat near the center of the activity room. Our hosted asked us to count off 1 – 3. I belonged to group 1 which later on ended up with the third place. It may sound cool, but since there have been only 3 groups, getting third isn’t really that cool. :p

We had a quiz-style game. Our group has left a lot of points behind carelessly, answering supposed to be easy questions with far off answers like answering the question Where was A. Einstein born? with Israel instead of the more obvious and correct answer, Germany.

Pero hindi kami papatalo noh! the first round may have turned to be in favor of the other two groups, but it didn’t mean we weren’t competitive throughout the game. One of our members was even lucky enough to win a X2 in the first raffle draw of Globe.

Admittedly, the second round also didn’t ended up the way we expected it to be and I was pretty much helpless because I couldn’t relate to most, if not all of the questions given – but it was really a lot of fun.

Someone from the 3rd group then emerged as winner for the iPhone 3GS raffle draw.

It was ’round the 3rd part of the quiz when we excelled and closed in to the competition from table 3. We got as close as 1 point behind the leaders and 3 ahead of the second table.

Karla & Anj from Davao Bloggers - Princess & Kevin from Pinoy Teens

Yet we failed to keep the momentum going and ended up with a wimpy third, but of course not empty handed.

It’s all about Teamwork

The word teamwork has popped up every now and then throughout the evening. And it has really got me thinking. I remember the host saying that Globe is also exercising a good practice of teamwork across the large community they have. The games also proved to be that it a one-man show isn’t going to cut it because everyone was able to chime in something at some point… It was the effort of the team as  a whole that mattered at the end. And I believe that it was the effort of all the bloggers from this City that has earned the recognition of Globe to have such affair planned for us.

There’s more to come from Globe

People from Davao should be pretty excited and are probably really lucky about what Globe is planning for Davao City in the coming weeks. Like I’ve noted several times across some of my blogs… Davao has always been special to Globe, and the SUPERLAHAT20 Promo is the most solid proof of that. Yet there’s more, way more to come. Not only for the Mobile Users, but for people who are using other Globe services as well. I’m so excited about the slightly speedier internet from Globe since I have been a subscriber of their broadband service for several years already. :)

Don’t worry readers of Pinoy Teens. We’ll provide you with all the updates you want and need to read about Globe and their future plans. Dito ako nagsisimulang mag-iinternet and

Today, we’re a little closer in going all-Globe at Pinoy Teens, so, go lang ng go!**

Congratulations to Crislyn for winning an iPad 2!

**We are planning on something Globe related.

Photo Courtesy of Koya Andrew (ata) :p

Ciao MBS5 :(

It’s quite hard for me to find the right words about what has happened, but let me get it straight to the point first… I’m not attending the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011 in Iligan. I know, I know… I’ve confirmed several times, even registered way ahead of the event… but things just didn’t work out the way I wanted and the way I’ve planned them.

My parents, particularly my mother disliked the idea of me traveling out of town. She’s scared because of all the hype we see on television that war is going on in Mindanao. Aside from that, my father (who had a stroke attack back in June) also dislikes the idea to travel out of town at the moment. We’re also very low on money. Even the Pinoy Teens’ funds is low on money. It’d be a terrible idea if I’d borrow some when I still have a  few payments due by the end of this month, right?

One of my sponsors for the month has backed out because they’ve got in trouble financially, too; and that really nailed MBS5 for me.

I was so excited, so eager to make it, but I was left with the ultimate decision by my parents… It’s going to be either BlogFest 2011 to which I travel with Princess Salan or the Mindanao Bloggers Summit.

Believe me, it was a tough choice to make, but reassessing our present situation and financial status of my parents [they are building a house], I just had to back out. We all have to make sacrifices sometimes!

I don’t know why I bothered writing this… but thanks to those who bothered to read it. I’m sorry for whoever expected me there. </3 Kitakits nalang sa BlogFest because that’s the blogging event of the year that I’m not gonna pass out on!

ps: I’m still looking forward to a press release of the event so I can still write about it :)