PBB Teen Clash of 2010 Audition in Davao

My emotions are a bit mixed about whether to be proud and have my chin up about the fact that I made it to face the PBB Director himself for a few moments, or whether I should be annoyed by the fact that it took me a few hours to get in front of his face for one little act that led to nowhere, but immediate elimination of any little flame of hope I had to join PBB. I’m not saying that I was expecting a nod to make to the next round, but it would not have hurt if I’d made it. For all I know, I’m not the only one who has not made it in the PBB Teen Clash of 2010 Davao Audition.

Macy, Beige, Jemwel

There have been a few points that I could cite as good, and other memories that I’d like to recall the least about. I have to say that I still ended up as a winner after all, because I was able to give my website a little exposure, and because I was able to make some instant friends, like Jemwel, Macy and Beige, for example.

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Uniting with Maguindanao Massacre Victims

Within the past five hours two teenagers, yours truly and Izy Mae tried to tackle the Maguindanao Massacre in our very own views and perspective,and it looks like for certain the two of us have got something in common. You can read more about the two posts about the topic on Pinoy Teens Online.

Before I proceed with the shameless pluging of the other blog that I favor to write on most, let me share with you something that you might consider doing, most especially if you really feel bad about what happened to the Maguindanao Massacre about three to four days ago.

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Yet another Adsense Spike

To the plurkmates reading this post, I’m sure that you know already about the Pokemaniac Vacation I took the past couple of days. I settled from blogging for a while, I rested from the exhausting days of thinking what and when to do certain things that have contributed to yet another 300+ Adense on a single day, with a new Pinoy Teens High 69,0000 visitors on a single day.

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Js Prom 09

Yes, another milestone behind me, another terrific high school experience to be cherished and remembered for a long time. The JS Prom 09! It was definitely a great formal affair that is scarcely but annually being exercised by the PWC of Davao that has brought out the other side of most of the students. The side that no one really saw, the excellence in handling their dresses and gowns properly and the smart talks that everyone brought to table during dinner and the vacant time that followed. This JS Promenade differs from the JS Prom experience that I had a year ago when I was a third year high school junior yet.

I felt something that I did not felt before, I had this feeling like I should enjoy this night and that this is the very night when I could get a step closer to the ones that I like, in a sense of closing in a bit more than usual and yes, my feelings did  not let me down that night. This years JS PROM was surely a night to remember not only for me, not only for some, but the big majority of the people in attendance, if not, then all of us.

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Teachers Day 2009 at my school

I have posted a little article about the Teachers Day 2009 which was held at the Cultural Pavillion of the Philippine Women’s College (PWC) of Davao. Both Grade School and High School Students where present during the event yesterday (February 12, 2009). It was a awesome afternoon and we had lots of fun watching the faculty of the graders and our very own high school perform dance moves and sing along to the festive of this month of love.

It has always been a tradition in the PWC Davao Community to celebrate teachers day during on or before the Valentines Day.

A male teacher paired up with a female student to sing Now That I Have You, while both faculty of the said departments had their respective dance numbers with a lot of cheers coming along, especially for our moderator Ms Saral and the Filipino Teacher of ours Mrs Gofredo.

I wish I could have taken a few pictures or a video from the Teachers Day, but unfortunately left my camera at home that time. Anyways, read more on Pinoy Teens.

Mindanao Bloggers Christmas Party Update

I’ve been writing about the Mindanao Bloggers Christmas Party a while back and it seems like it didn’ really caught anyones attention. Anyway, the Christmas Party is set for tomorrow, the 27th of December and I’ve got a little problem here right now. I don’t really know what I should give as an exchange gift for the Kris Kringle. I do have decent amount to buy something but being clueless whether or not the one that I’ll draw is a male or female, it appears to be quiet difficult for me to think of something, I’m not really the best in picking gifts.

I’ve been inviting some of my friends to the Mindanao Bloggers Christmas Party, and some of them have confirmed whether to be present or absent on the said event, while there have also been a few who still have to check their schedule and see if the Chritmas Party fits in. It’s good to know that I’ll be able to see friends that have accompanied me for quiet some time in the blogging world. So, if in case you are in the Davao City area tomorrow, and have some vacant time from 8pm onwards until midnight, then you could come and accompany us in celebrating this holiday season together with fellow Mindanao Bloggers; even if you’re not a blogger, but one of my readers, you’re very welcome to attend as this Christmas Party is open to everyone.

The party will be held at the World Palace KTV, last but not the least, you’re set to go provided that you’ve got a hundred and fifty pesos for the food, and as well as let’s say a gift of 150 and above for the exchange gift, that’s what my friend Charles has told me, but he isn’t sure anyway. See you there and hope that we’ll have a lot of time and a worthwhile bonding moment with bloggers away from our blogs.

Mabuhay Mindanao Bloggers!