Still space for a return to blogging?

I’ve put promises left and right. I tried to motivate myself and my fellow writers by leaving strong words whenever I had the chance to grasp them and utilize them on any of the blogs we command. But, is there really any space to return to blogging? For me? For my fellow Pinoy Teens Contributors? For the Philippine Teens Media?

A lot of things have been bothering me, well, hindering me from doing any blogging at all. This includes but is not limited to the people in real life who consume a lot of the time that used to be dedicated for blogging. I’m not blaming them or anything, I’m pointing out that I need to be more disciplined about my schedule. Also, the schedule at which time I go to bed.

Can I still make it into the blogging scene? [Read more...]

Typhoon Zoraida and Yolanda, Pinoy Teens, girlfriend and more…

It’s been a while again since my last personal blog post. Luckily, not because I fell out of love to blog, but because of a few other circumstances and events that occurred. Take Typhoon Yolanda that I have warned you about, for instance. A more expanded coverage on that subject matter is posted on Pinoy Teens.

At the moment, I’m here with my girlfriend at her Dormitory. We’re currently standing by in the common area of the said place. It’s raining quite hard. There’s no stop in sight for the meantime. Just like I have posted on my other blog, this seems to be the work by a new tropical depression that is headed for the Philippines named Zoraida.

Zoraida won’t spare Davao this time.

Indeed not. Zoraida isn’t going to spare Davao City nor neighboring regions. During Yolanda’s entry and landfall, Davao City was spared of any kind of rain. It was actually quite surprising and I’m probably not the only one who was stunned by this. Looks like we’ve totally jinxed it this time.

At the end of the day, we are still quite lucky to only experience moderate to heavy rain for a small timeframe. There’s not even any Storm Signal raised here in the Metro of Davao.

Pinoy Teens going up?

Pinoy Teens has been performing okay again – specially since the move to WP Engine. A few financial constraints and unforeseen expenses that I have not budgeted won’t allow me to sustain that premium hosting for the mean time though. :( But the important takeaway from this is, that Pinoy Teens is performing okay and is earning a bit on the side now too. It even looked like I have been caring more for the site again. That’s a very good thing.

And… what about my girlfriend?

Well, my girlfriend is right here beside me. She’s resting, because she still has work later this evening. She’s even a bit hormonal right now, so I guess it’s best served that I leave her as-is and just focus on my writing.

Of course, I’m still very much in love with her. Nothing will change that. :) If you feel like it, watch the video she made for the 100th day we’re together. :p

What’s in store next?

As it stands… I’ll just continue with all the blogs that I am running. Writing consistently and being extremely patient and positive about the earning side of things. It’ll come eventually. It just has to come one day. For now, it’s still Pinoy Teens that does all the earning… But hopefully that will change in the coming weeks and months.

Hello there… again

Hello there, again.

This is yet another attempt of mine to start blogging and trying to maintain the momentum of it. One thing that differentiates the present from my past attempts is, that this time, I’m a bit more prepared and organized. Join me in this endeavor, as I try to crawl my way back into being useful and productive again.

Yannah’s Departure

This day, aside from my it being my first day of trying to be productive and blogging, also marks the day of Yannah Claire’s departure. She’s headed for a little vacation in Cebu. Of course she’ll be missed for the next 3 weeks. The ones most affected by this though are her grandparents.

For me, it’s a slight sigh of relief. I’m freed to make use of my schedule around the clock. Of course I’ll miss her, but from the practical side of things, there’ll be no interruptions when I work from now on. I just have to make the most of the 3 weeks now.

New domain:

I have recently availed of a new domain name at NameCheap. I got hold of

At first, I thought about moving this personal blog over to the new domain, but instead decided to leave things as they are, and instead utilize the new domain as a portfolio and online portal for those who wish to contact me for work.

Yep. I am planning and dreaming again. (I might even share in a post why I’m this motivated all of a sudden) I keep my fingers crossed for this to last a long, long time.

What to expect next:

  • Post about using Agile Results
  • Using OmniFocus
  • What I’ll do with WordPress

Please keep visiting this blog along with my flagship blog,


March 20 2012

9:15:15 PM GMT+08:00 – As written in

Hello there!

It’s been some time again since I last wrote inside you. I’ve been busy lately. Yep, nonsense stuff again. One of my *best friends* is said to publish an article at Pinoy Teens very soon. It’s one of those posts that I would learn to appreciate but of course, dislike due to their negative tone, etcetera. It’s going to be *yet another wakeup call* she reveals. Yet she won’t disclose any further details until the post is published for all the world to see. Or should I say or the small audience of Pinoy Teens.

Pinoy Teens is having its poorest run ever. Even worse than our debut year. I wish not to talk about it any further in this entry of mine though as I’m sure that I’ve got lots of room to discuss this matter once she posted her opinion on this subject.

### My iPod touch finally’s got some good use.

Not that I have regret purchasing my iPod touch – I haven’t at all. It’s just now though that I have unleashed my iPod’s full potential. I’ve got a couple of good games on it now, and a few productivity apps I just can’t live without anymore.

Here’s a list of the highlight apps that are stored on my iPod touch at the moment:


* Sky Gamblers: Air Superiority
* Cut the Rope Original/Experiment
* Sentinel 3: Homeworld
* Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery
* Twin Go!
* Air Tycoon 2
* Boogle
* Bejeweled
* Angry Birds (Complete)
* Tetris (EA)
* Contre Jour
* Burn the Rope Original/World
* Inotia 3
* Temple Run **like duh**
* Slice It!
* Fruit Ninja
* Doodle Jump
* Chocolate Tycoon
* Tiny Tower
* Glow Hockey 2
* Airport Mania 2

I’ve got a lot of other games in my iTunes library. Unfortunately I don’t have the privilege of storing all of them on my iPod touch because it’s just an 8GB one (6.5GB usable) I do swap out some games here and there.

Other games that I have in iTunes are:

* FIFA Soccer 12
* NOVA 2
* Asphalt 6: Adrenaline
* Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing
* Death Rally
* Ragdoll Blaster 3
* World of Goo
* Plants vs Zombies
* Defender Chronicles
* Sentinel 2
* League of Evil 2
…and a few more.

In terms of productivity, these are the apps that I’m making most use of:

* Day One
* Omnifocus
* Elements
* Evernote
* Reeder

As you can see, games pretty much dominate my iPod touch. You might be wondering how I managed so many downloads, so many games etcetera. I owned an iPod touch about a year ago. I lost that one though. I bought many of these games originally for my first iPod touch. Luckily though, I can reuse them on this other device of mine that I now have.

Other games have been purchased just a couple of weeks back. I also bought games and apps over the course of the year – without an iPod touch – whenever they’d go on .99 cent sales or if they turn free for a day or so.

I hope that tomorrow will be a better day. I have silently told myself that I need to get something started, but I don’t know – let’s hope that whatever my best friend is going to come up with in her post will be of help to me just as she tried to convince me now.

For now? I’ll be off reading Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian for the second time around. Yeah. I’m that hooked and addicted to it. I tried reading The Hunger Games though but immediately dismissed the book. The way it’s been written doesn’t suit my style and most of the content – even early on – sound like they are grammatically incorrect. I might be wrong though, but reading just the first couple of chapters already gave me an headache.

Test post with iA Writer

I guess it’s about time I’ve found my way back into writing something. I’ve literally spent the last couple of days doing pretty much nothing. It felt like I had another burn out. Why? I don’t know.

There are a lot of things that I am very excited about right now. Lots in store for the coming weeks! There is so much to write about and I’ll see it to it that with the help of iA Writer and ByWord, I manage to ease the load I’m carrying. *I’ve got so many pending articles at the moment*. This post isn’t even one of them.

I spent the last two days fiddling with my iPod touch (4G) and watching UEFA Champions League matches. My body feels kinda empty at the moment and begs for a bed – but there is none in sight right now. I have to get going and write. I want to love writing again, but words just don’t want to love me back.

## Cydia found it’s way to my iTouch

Speaking about fiddling with my iPod touch: I have finally decided to jailbreak it – and as it stands, the jailbreak went fairly well. The only few bumps came up when I tried add some sources which didn’t went too well. Fancy I had to wait until last night ’til I was able to add my sources and install packages of my liking.

The best thing yet to happen to any of my iOS devices took place last night – gsPhone for iPhone/iPod touch was installed flawlessly. I even got my Pokemon Leaf Green on it with all the saved data that I was playing with here on my Mac.

### Mac + VMWARE + Windows 7 + Visual Boy Advance = Pokemon LOL!

It might sound crazy, but I installed Windows via VMWare Fusion on this Mac just to play Gameboy Advance games. Yes, I know that there are alternatives for the Mac, but I just feel at home playing classics like *Pokemon* from a Windows point of view, plus, the Visual Boy Advance for Mac is no longer supported on Lion – not to forget the turbo mode feature.

### Messi beats the hell out of Leverkusen

I have pretty much enjoyed myself the past days to my hearts content, let alone that disturbing 7-1 defeat of Leverkusen at the hands of mighty mouse Messi and Barcelona which spoiled my day. Disturbing, because I’m an avid follower of, no, not Leverkusen, but the Bundesliga in general and it sucks to get beaten by such a margin.

I’ll be working on my other articles after this one, don’t worry – I won’t forever bug you with nonsense like these.

## Things to write about:

- NatGeo: *Inside Malacañang*
- Globe: *Run4Home*
- Mulat Pinoy: *Social Networth Workshop part 2 & 3*
- Introductory post on **must visit**
-Post about *Amber Lily*
- Cebu City: *San Remigio Beach Club*

> Of course, there are many more articles *that may not be so notable for you* that I have to write about. These are just some bullets that I believe might be of interest for you. Just in case any of them did catch your attention, stay tuned and watch out for them to be published at

As you can see, I still have a very busy afternoon ahead of me, and I just can’t help but write random things like these to set the tone. Random scraps like this post help me in getting myself warmed up for a writing-marathon so to say.

Social Networth Day 1

Hi there.

I don’t know. But I just feel like I need to get something posted on my personal blog right now.

If you have been following Pinoy Teens’ twitter account you might already know that I am here in Manila right now for the Social Networth Media Workshop organized by Mulat Pinoy.

Everything seems to be going on absolutely perfect if we see it from the point of view on how the workshop has been progressing but from a more personal perspective, it isn’t quiet as how I had figured it out.

There’s this trait of me again, you could call it shyness or whatever but I’m just not able to make friends during the day – and here I am stuck in the room with no one but myself. I just don’t know how to jump in on the fun my two roommates have at the moment.

YET BEFORE THIS ENDS UP LIKE JUST ANOTHER PESSIMISTIC WRITE UP… let’s go back to the lighter side of things.

The morning of the whole event started out really well, we learned to know each other in some very unique ways. We also managed to set our expectations from this workshop and get familiarize ourselves with everything Popdev related. We even had a few distinguished guest speakers who are pretty well exposed to the social media world to guide us through then basics and show us a glimpse of how he huge social or new media world is going to look like.

We had Ana Santos (@dash_of_sas), Alvin Dakis (@alvindakis) and Gregg Yan from the Wwf-Philippines who shared with us their knowledge and opinions.

Geez. There’s so much more that I want to share with you buy my little iPod touch is t really helping at the moment. – this is where I am writing this post and a few others that I need to have done before a certain deadline. Kasi nga naiwan si MacBook Pro sa Davao.

Anyways. I shall get back with you with more once I get back to Davao or later when I have managed to secure some batteries for my keyboards whose batteries have run dry.

Lastly. I really hope that I could make some friends tomorrow. I really feel very awkward and shy. Ewan ko na. I just really suck in something I shouldn’t knowing the field (social media) I am in – making friends and dealing with people.

Just stay tuned and follow our twitter account @teensmedia

On BlogFest 2.0 and Philippine Blog Awards

Last weekend must have been the most exciting and fun weekend I’ve ever had in recent memory. I was one of over hundred bloggers from all over the archipelago who attended BlogFest 2.0 in General Santos City.

One word, epic… It was simply epic.

I’ve not only enjoined company from fellow Davao Bloggers and fellow Bloggers from Mindanao, but have learned a lot from all the outstanding speakers at the event. I’ll speak more on that later on, though. :)

It was a perfect affair for me, it was also the first event that I have attended with my fellow Pinoy Teens colleague and girlfriend, Princess Salan. Making it even more special.

BlogFest 2.0 was definitely a special event for her, because it was her first ever major blogging event. Lucky, her debut in the blogging scene happened in General Santos City!

On Philippine Blog Awards – Mindanao

I’m very happy that Faust and Olan from and have won in their respective categories at the Philippine Blog Awards – Mindanao. They truly deserve the recognition for all their hard work and dedication; this goes out to all other nominees and winners from Mindanao!

On Philippine Blog Awards – National

Pinoy Teens has been nominated in two categories, the Readers and Bloggers Choice category at the Philippine Blog Awards 2011 – National. It makes me feel happy and has definitely boosted my motivation. :) It doesn’t look though as if Pinoy Teens is going to win anything in the nationwide scene just yet, maybe next year or so… but still, I’m very happy about it that we’ve passed the screening and are one of the finalists in those categories.

Thanks to everyone who believes in Pinoy Teens and has voted for Pinoy Teens.

Paramihan ng Likes for Readers Choice Award?

One thing that I can’t understand is the mechanics to vote for your favorite blog in the Readers Choice Award. I know, I’m not the only one who’s going to react on this, but this certainly doesn’t seem right. This doesn’t count for only the PBA nomination but for various other contest that have been going on at Facebook in the past. In my experience, whoever gets away with the most number of likes isn’t the one who is most preferred by readers.. but the one who campaigns best among their friends.

Indeed, I’m also promoting my entry to all my friends and colleagues as well. But this criteria for future “Readers Choice Awards” needs to change.

I think it’s best if next time, it won’t be based on likes, but on some certain criteria, like who has the most active readership (based on comments) on their most recent articles or so, or maybe based on how often certain articles have been shared or on how active ones blog has been over all and the average comments per article from one set date to another (Jan 2011 – Dec 2011, to avoid giving established blogs with thousands of comments an advantage like mine would have then).

Of course I’ll go with the flow and play the game with the most likes no matter how it’ll end up, but like I said above, it won’t be the one with the most outstanding readership that’ll win, but the one who campaigns best among their friends.

Disclaimer: I’m aware that one of my friends has also been nominated for the Readers Choice Award. But I just have to get this word out, because it’s so wrong, I already wrote about this in other contest, too.

BlogFest 2.0 – I’m so excited!

BlogFest is about 30 hours away from now.. but I’m so excited that I can’t sleep! I know I share this sheer excitement with many other bloggers as well! So, what’s making me so excited and thrilled about the second rendition of the General Santos City hosted BlogFest?

  • Meeting Avel and Orman – I’ve seen either of the two at some occasions throughout the year, but I’ve barely caught two birds with a single stone! Meh, it’s gonna be another bun, meat, bun (sandwich) photo again when I’m amidst the two!
  • It’s going to be more epic than the former! – BlogFest 1.0 was one heck of an event already, and this one is looking to be much more fun, and more epic! I don’t intend to undermine or underrate the first version, hah, even that event was great, but the way things shape up and all the hype that’s going on around BlogFest 2.0, this is certainly the blogging event of the year in Mindanao!
  • Davao Bloggers galore in Gensan! – Olan, Faust, Lyle, Brendel, Alma, you name ‘em! Most, of the Davao Bloggers will head out to our neighbors from General Santos City to attend this once in a life time event (next year it’ll be BlogFest 3.0, so technically, BlogFest 2.0 is a once in a lifetime event :p)!
  • Pinoy Teens represented by my girlfriend – This will be the first major blogging event that my girlfriend will attend to, how lucky she must be that her debut blogging event is going to be the BlogFest! The first major event that I attended though, also happened in Gensan which dates back 3 years… Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2.0!
  • Getting my blogging vibes back! – I’m so positive about it that after this event, I’m going to be ubber inspired to keep blogging again the way I used to. :)
What BlogFest has to offer:
Of course, the list of speakers is in good shape as well, with incredible speakers all over the place! YOU, what are you most excited about BlogFest 2.0?!

“Go lang ng go” sa Davao Bloggers Christmas Party Handog ng Globe!

True, Christmas is still way over a month ahead of us, yet it was no excuse for Globe to host a small party for the hyperactive blogging community of Davao City last November 10, 2011.

The party was certainly one of the most memorable events that happened in my adventurous blogging journey this year. Not just because it was hosted by Globe, not just because it was only hosted for the active blogging community of Davao, but because of everyone who was present at the said affair.

Matagal tagal ko na rin hindi nakikita sina Lyle Santos, Winston and co. sa isang okasyon na hind tungkol sa launching ng isang bagong produkto o di kaya sa isang preskon… It felt good to be with like minded people and be away from my Mac. I have never laughed so naturally, so carelessly and freely in a long time. In other words, I started enjoying being a blogger again, isn’t that what using Globe is all about? Enjoying the life and have it the way you want it to be? :)

Renz, Karla, Natalie, Anj, Kuya Olan, Richard and Princess accompanied me on the table where I sat… and we’ve definitely been the loudest group of the 3 tables full of bloggers. We talked about various issues that were circulating around the web, exchanged a few ideas about our Davao Bloggers Christmas Party and of course, had a ton of fun while doing that. Tamang tama lang at nababawasan ang stress ko ngayon dahil dito.

Everything was right that evening, from the food we got a the Probinsya (which is located near Victoria Plaza) to the fun games and raffle draws.

The whole blogger group was invited to get close and seat near the center of the activity room. Our hosted asked us to count off 1 – 3. I belonged to group 1 which later on ended up with the third place. It may sound cool, but since there have been only 3 groups, getting third isn’t really that cool. :p

We had a quiz-style game. Our group has left a lot of points behind carelessly, answering supposed to be easy questions with far off answers like answering the question Where was A. Einstein born? with Israel instead of the more obvious and correct answer, Germany.

Pero hindi kami papatalo noh! the first round may have turned to be in favor of the other two groups, but it didn’t mean we weren’t competitive throughout the game. One of our members was even lucky enough to win a X2 in the first raffle draw of Globe.

Admittedly, the second round also didn’t ended up the way we expected it to be and I was pretty much helpless because I couldn’t relate to most, if not all of the questions given – but it was really a lot of fun.

Someone from the 3rd group then emerged as winner for the iPhone 3GS raffle draw.

It was ’round the 3rd part of the quiz when we excelled and closed in to the competition from table 3. We got as close as 1 point behind the leaders and 3 ahead of the second table.

Karla & Anj from Davao Bloggers - Princess & Kevin from Pinoy Teens

Yet we failed to keep the momentum going and ended up with a wimpy third, but of course not empty handed.

It’s all about Teamwork

The word teamwork has popped up every now and then throughout the evening. And it has really got me thinking. I remember the host saying that Globe is also exercising a good practice of teamwork across the large community they have. The games also proved to be that it a one-man show isn’t going to cut it because everyone was able to chime in something at some point… It was the effort of the team as  a whole that mattered at the end. And I believe that it was the effort of all the bloggers from this City that has earned the recognition of Globe to have such affair planned for us.

There’s more to come from Globe

People from Davao should be pretty excited and are probably really lucky about what Globe is planning for Davao City in the coming weeks. Like I’ve noted several times across some of my blogs… Davao has always been special to Globe, and the SUPERLAHAT20 Promo is the most solid proof of that. Yet there’s more, way more to come. Not only for the Mobile Users, but for people who are using other Globe services as well. I’m so excited about the slightly speedier internet from Globe since I have been a subscriber of their broadband service for several years already. :)

Don’t worry readers of Pinoy Teens. We’ll provide you with all the updates you want and need to read about Globe and their future plans. Dito ako nagsisimulang mag-iinternet and

Today, we’re a little closer in going all-Globe at Pinoy Teens, so, go lang ng go!**

Congratulations to Crislyn for winning an iPad 2!

**We are planning on something Globe related.

Photo Courtesy of Koya Andrew (ata) :p

Getting ready now

Look how quickly I can change my mind, or say, mood. A post ago I was still talking about ending this hopeless blogging life of mine. Yet, this very moment I’m writing this piece; my motivation could not be any higher!

I have created a few accounts for those who have volunteered to become part of the Philippine Teens Media and Pinoy Teens Online. I have prepared a few topics that I hope to discuss on PinoyTeens.Net, and I’m feeling more determined than ever before.

[Read more...]