Tips on Studying for your Next Exam

Exams are not fun for anyone, and let’s face it: no one would make the decision to partake if they didn’t have to. However, if you’re studying, they usually come with the territory. So instead of completely losing your cool when it comes to preparation time, try following some of the below tips to get […]

My First Leadership Training

The Annual PWC Leadership Training initiated by our school’s Office of Student Affairs was the first Leadership Training that I’ve ever attended. It was a truly remarkable experience for me, it was truly a first of its kind. I’m still quite overwhelmed by all the good vibes I’ve brought home with me from the said […]

Did you know I’m an Atenean?

Well, you might have thought about me being an Atenean in a sense of being one before. But no, I’m one again and I’m about to love it again yet. I’ve successfully enrolled at the Ateneo de Davao S.A.S (School of Art and Sciences) Information Technology Department and I’m belonging to section Z5 of this […]