What to do With Yourself now You’ve Finished Your Degree

By Ethan Sagen
Finishing university is exciting. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel – no more lectures, no more exams. Then the reality hits. Big decisions need to be made. There are a number of things you can do to prepare yourself after finishing your degree, and it’s not as hard as it seems.

Take an Internship

Internships are a great way to get your foot in the door. You’ll gain first-hand experience in the industry you’re passionate about, and learn about the practicalities you may not have found in your degree. As well as this, being an intern means that you will be mentored by senior workers. There’s a level of responsibility, but there’s also a safety net for you to learn from along the way. Undertaking an internship is a great experience, and if you perform well, is a highly sought after addition to your resume.

Are you ready to join the workforce?
Are you ready to join the workforce?


Another way to gain experience is to volunteer with groups and organisations. As long as they’re relevant to the career you wish to pursue, they’re going to help you get closer to that job. Although similar, volunteering is different to an internship. Rather than doing specialised work, you may be helping out in a number of different ways. Still, you will be gaining an insight into the industry you want to work in. Volunteer work looks great on a resume too, and provides a reference should you need one.


If it’s relevant to the industry you wish to work in, freelancing can provide an entrance to your career. You may want a break after finishing your degree, so by freelancing you can choose to work at your own pace. Offer your services to organisations that may want them. By doing this you can have some time off while gaining experience in pitching and delivering ideas.

Just Go For It

If you feel like you’re ready, you probably are. There’s no harm in applying for jobs and getting straight into the industry. You could prove lucky and land your dream job straight away. If not, it really doesn’t matter. As daunting as it may seem, choosing a job after university is not the end of the line. You will work a number of different jobs and try your hand at different skills and situations. The choice is yours. If you want to get straight into it, then that’s the right choice for you.
Deciding what to do after finishing your degree is one of the scariest decisions in life. However, once you evaluate yourself, and exactly what you wish to achieve, the answer is relatively easy to find. If you’re still unsure, Ranstad Jobs in Sydney provide professional career advice. And remember, the decision you make now in no way defines what you will be doing with the rest of your life. The possibilities are endless.

Guess I’m a Student now.

It is funny to note that about a year back then, I was already listed FD (Failure Debarred) in most, if not all of my First Year College Subjects at the Ateneo de Davao University… I don’t know. I just didn’t felt right about attending classes, something was missing, something was not right, and I think I’ve got it all figured out by now.

This school year has been the rear opposite of everything that 2009 had offered me. I was elected Class President during our class elections and I have a number of classmates who I can consider as true friends already, as early as this. I didn’t see this coming, and yes, there are some other things that I didn’t see coming, too.

But what matters after all is, that I have finally gained interest in attending classes again. My classmates who I should be leading, are the ones guiding me now day in and day out. Without these wonderful mates I have at present, I’m certain that I would have quitted again by the 15th of August this year. I’m not pointing out that the batch of classmates that I had last year are bad, it’s just that there’s something special that connects me with my present buddies at school.

I do have some problems with my grades, particularly in Mathematics and Filipino. In which the primer is the more difficult case than the latter one. But being the Student (before being a) Blogger that I am to-date, I hope that I will get over this little hurdle by the pre-finals.

I could go on and on with this topic, thanking each and every classmate of mine, but I’ll just sum it up in a little note that:

Without the whole section S6, I wouldn’t be the student that I am here, at present

Did you know I’m an Atenean?

Well, you might have thought about me being an Atenean in a sense of being one before. But no, I’m one again and I’m about to love it again yet. I’ve successfully enrolled at the Ateneo de Davao S.A.S (School of Art and Sciences) Information Technology Department and I’m belonging to section Z5 of this course. I’m still unsure which floor my rooms will be but make no mistake, I might be literally flying around the 5-7th floor for my course’s subjects, according to a friend.

With this, it’s official that I have left my former alma mater, the Philippine Women’s College of Davao behind and move on to another brand new chapter and not a brand new academe. I have been a Atenean during my early years in High Schoool, but was denied to return to the school for a year because I have messed up. (adik kasi sa computer)

I would love to share much more, but I just can’t think of anything to share with you right now, just wanted to update my diary to announce that I am a Member of the Ateneo de Davao University once more.

I have passed the ACAT or ACET

I’m delighted to share my blessings with you, well, I won’t be sharing anything in terms of money or other materialistic good, but just spreading the word that there is a high probability that I might belong to the elites of Davao, the Ateneo de Davao University again.

The ACAT/ACET that I took last April 22, 2009 was quite and headache and it has come to prove itself as I nervously opened the envelope containing the information whether I accepted to the Ateneo or not. Well, it was indeed now or never and today was really the day that showcased a slight lighter path for the future ahead of me.

My letter was marked with the strong words of, Notice of Conditional Acceptance, which leaves me no escape but to abide with the Office of Admission to agree to carry load of additional 3 Units for Mathematics during the first semester which I need to accomplish with a satisfactory grade to have my pro-b status lifted at the Ateneo de Davao.

I was accompanied by my former classmate from the Philippine Women’s College of Davao who also claimed his results earlier today, he took the examination on the same day like I did only that he was scheduled to be tested during the morning, while I was set to undergo the ACAT or ACET during the afternoon of that same day, 22 of April.

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It’s do or die tomorrow

Actually, I have done all I could, stand the fight the best I could during the ACAT examination that I took up a couple of days back, dated 22nd of April, 2009, which was a Wednesday. Tomorrow, is the day when I will claim the official result for my examination during the ACAT and how awesome or poor I have performed throughout the test. I really hope that I will come home with a NOA in my hand or which I shall describe as the Notice Of Acceptance to the Ateneo de Davao University as an I.T Student.

A close friend of mine reminded me that I should be careful about Ateneo and that I should not expect too much as there have been a lot of applicants this year who would like to join the elites of Davao under the Jesuit’s hands.

But I really wish, hope and would like to count amongst them again, and shine this time, unlike my recent performance during the freshmen up to juniors years at the Ateneo High School Department. I was a mess back then, but is my detertermined and dedication to change for the better an excuse enough to be back under the Blue Knights?

I’ll be graduating!

I was tensed, but I wasn’t the only one who has felt that way during the announcement of our Principal [1. Ma'am Jover.], telling us who among us will graduate and who will not. Everyone at the Audio Visual Room [2. AVR.] was tensed while anticipating their name to be called. She ran through the list of the female graduates in a rush and stopped at some point; saying: “I don’t have to read the female graduates anymore, since all of them will graduate.” or something like that.

And then she proceeded reading the list of the graduating students from the males. I felt like melting away or just vanish for a moment until I can be assured that my name was on that list and as she came closer and closer to my name. M.. N… O.. P.. Paquet, I was relieved to hear my name, even if she didn’t got the pronunciation that right, what matters most is that I’m included!

Indeed, it was a moment of truth, a moment that most of the graduating students have been waiting for, to know whether their effort exerted was satisfactory enough to move on to the next level of challenges, described as a “merciless jungle” by our Principal.

’til here, just a short update that I’m still alive and kicking, to let you know that I’m right on target to take on another journey in my life!

Intense Debate for Intense Revival in Blogging

I am off the mark again, haven’t blogged that much for a couple of weeks, but was able to make a short come back after announcing that Izy Mae will aid me blogging again. But I don’t just come with empty hands to join the fight for the prestigious top ten in Google’s Search Index for the keywords that I would like to compete in with my other blogs, I come armed with Intense Debate as one of the important plugins that should nourish my blogs lack of community and establish something that may be called, a community.

The plugin has gone through various updates since it’s first release and I am hoping that the plugin remains bug free and is better than the versions that I have dropped before.

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Js Prom 09

Yes, another milestone behind me, another terrific high school experience to be cherished and remembered for a long time. The JS Prom 09! It was definitely a great formal affair that is scarcely but annually being exercised by the PWC of Davao that has brought out the other side of most of the students. The side that no one really saw, the excellence in handling their dresses and gowns properly and the smart talks that everyone brought to table during dinner and the vacant time that followed. This JS Promenade differs from the JS Prom experience that I had a year ago when I was a third year high school junior yet.

I felt something that I did not felt before, I had this feeling like I should enjoy this night and that this is the very night when I could get a step closer to the ones that I like, in a sense of closing in a bit more than usual and yes, my feelings did  not let me down that night. This years JS PROM was surely a night to remember not only for me, not only for some, but the big majority of the people in attendance, if not, then all of us.

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Teachers Day 2009 at my school

I have posted a little article about the Teachers Day 2009 which was held at the Cultural Pavillion of the Philippine Women’s College (PWC) of Davao. Both Grade School and High School Students where present during the event yesterday (February 12, 2009). It was a awesome afternoon and we had lots of fun watching the faculty of the graders and our very own high school perform dance moves and sing along to the festive of this month of love.

It has always been a tradition in the PWC Davao Community to celebrate teachers day during on or before the Valentines Day.

A male teacher paired up with a female student to sing Now That I Have You, while both faculty of the said departments had their respective dance numbers with a lot of cheers coming along, especially for our moderator Ms Saral and the Filipino Teacher of ours Mrs Gofredo.

I wish I could have taken a few pictures or a video from the Teachers Day, but unfortunately left my camera at home that time. Anyways, read more on Pinoy Teens.

So much to do with so little time

I recently received some feedback of few of my readers why I am not updating my blogs anymore, hey, I’ve got an life aside from my online life; the real world. Especially now that I’m having a girl friend who gets most of my attention :) Anyways, this is just a little Sunday update on the things that have happened here around since my last real update and a few things that I have launched just a few hours ago.

Let me start with the Pinoy Teens in Photos Website which will be discontinued for some reasons (ohh, how sad), I just find it unnecessary to create a Photo Blog right now since I am having my Flickr Account which hasn’t been used that much lately. But maybe, I’ll be into updating the Photo Site every now and then with a few cool shots that I can come up with or other interesting pictures that I find on the internet.

Speaking about my sub blogs, starting tomorrow, you can join me lesson per lesson that I am taking up in school as I will keep you up-to-date with my lesson plans and notes for this fourth and final quarter onwards, that on my educational website. Of course, I’ll try to cater the needs of not only the graduating high school students for this school year, but surely I’ll try to extend my content to cover all of those who are up for some knowledge.

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