Fever and No Class

I wonder what has come to my mind when I started writing two simultaneous articles covering the class suspension in Davao City for today due to heavy rain; I totally got the date wrong and I had already a few hits for the searches in regards to the class suspension due to heavy rainfall. It’s […]

My First Week back in School

2009 started off nicely for all of my blogs and the fire is slowly ceasing in the recent two days. The blog stats of both this personal blog and the main teen site I’m handling is pretty impressive! And indeed, just like the statistics have been a blast for my blogs, so has a little […]

My Retreat pre-post

Today, until Monday, I will be gone for a while, because I’ll be attending the fourth year retreat of my dearest section, Yakal which will last for three days. Saturday, Sunday and Monday. During my absence, I don’t think that there’s anyone who will replace my position on the blog, and I doubt that there’s […]

Preparation for the I.T Day tomorrow and more

Today was quite an awesome day, even if I have missed the CISAT examination earlier this morning. I woke up at around 8 in the morning, took some time to read other blogs, read the online news and respond to comments left by my friends. Eventually at around 12:45 I went to school and arrived […]

We can not have everything in life

I don’t know what was going on, I don’tknow what went wrong, all I know is that I have literally, totally messed up. I wasn’t able to succeed in letting Four Yakal be proud of me, winning the Visual Basic Competition in school, because I was only able to take the second slot. The V.B […]