Davao City and the Davao Digital Influencers

Writing this article comes at a rather untimely moment, as the city of Davao has suffered a huge blow to its "safest city in the world" title with the bombing of its famous Roxas Night Market. As it stands, I would like to correlate the incident at hand and why Davao City needs more of [...]

Hello New 3DS XL and Hello again Littleroot!

It's almost halfway through the year and this is the first post that I have on my personal blog! Jeez! At least, my other blog has received much more attention than this site. At any rate, I'm merely writing about me having reacquired a 3DS unit once more. To be specific, I have managed to get [...]

2014 in Review

Dinalian lang ni. Started at 10:30PM of December 31. Finished quite close to midnight. LOL My 2014 was a rather passive one. It had its moments of joy. It had its moments of sorrow. If 2014 was an episode in a TV series, one could consider this to be a filler episode either preparing for something [...]

My First Leadership Training

The Annual PWC Leadership Training initiated by our school's Office of Student Affairs was the first Leadership Training that I've ever attended. It was a truly remarkable experience for me, it was truly a first of its kind. I'm still quite overwhelmed by all the good vibes I've brought home with me from the said [...]