1 Year Celebration


Yeah guys, you read it right, I am now giving away free domain names!

Actually 2, and some other cool prizes, because I am about to celebrate my 1 year celebration of being a rookie webmaster! To give a little hint, my first domain name was pasawaykingdom.net, which was also my first online community, which then latter time has moved on to become Pinoy Teens Online πŸ™‚

I remember way back when I once was using free domain redirects, I have been happy with that alone, but now? I have access to most likely all domains that I like, and I had my dream come true; in creating my very first, very personal poetry site, poeticnotes.com and don’t forget, my very personal kevinpaquet.com πŸ™‚

I won’t keep you much hanging anymore, do you want how to win and what’s in store? Then you need to read this article on pinoy teens, regarding the domain contest πŸ™‚

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