We write the 6th of December; the day that this relationship of mine with Semarfe Dela Cruz is turning 1 year old. I wrote earlier about this new girl that I have in my life. And here I am, months later, still together with that same person.

It’s been a while again since I last blogged. I know, it’s become habitual of me to commit to this problem. There isn’t much that I can say here, aside from just writing that we’ve reached our first anniversary of hopefully many more to come.


A love that has changed my ways

My dearest Coffee could potentially be the first girl that I will bring to two family fiestas. Usually, I’d either be without a girlfriend in January or bring a new girl every year to the fiesta. This love has truly changed me in many ways. It changed how I think about love. It made me more mature. It made me appreciate the small things in life.

We started out on a very rocky path. The first couple of months, I was uncertain whether the relationship would last or not. I’m glad I decided to stick around. I’m glad that she decided to stick around. Looking back at the first year of our relationship, it was well worth it. All the struggles, all the fights, all the heartaches and problems cannot match the joyful moments that we have shared in these first set of 365 days.

I’m looking forward to our second year together. And yes, I’ll say it again, I’m looking forward to maybe blog more frequently here too.

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