10 points that make a PERSONAL Blog

There are tons kinds of blogs out there. Some only feature videos, others are dedicated for photos. There sites that discuss technology only, whilst some focus on the latest entertainment news. Pinoy Teens as an example, is in a slow transition to become a hybrid of some sorts that will star entertainment, headlines and technology topics to cater to the flexible needs of the readers.

This blog, on the other hand is a personal blog. And yes, it truly is a personal blog. I’ll tell you why this blog is a personal blog just in a few lines below these. But before that, what is a Personal Blog by the way? For me, a personal blog is like your space on the internet, the place that you can call home, where you can do anything and everything you want (but it still comes with limits that are of common-sense, really). It’s a space on the internet where you feel comfy about, and most importantly for me, it is a place that I can lean on and hide at times when needed. In short, the perfect place to rant and not be butted by your readers about the content that you write, well, there are people who do so still, but, “it doesn’t hurt my conscience anymore, because it is my place”.

Now, what are the ten points that make a Personal Blog again?

  • A blog with the LEAST (best, NO) ads – Why? Because it’s your personal blog, you want people to read about you, not click away from you, don’t you think?
  • Wears a design that you totally like and feel comfy with – You don’t need to hurt your eyes by using an Adsense Optimized template on it, you want something that is easy to read and fancy, the way you want it to be.
  • Content that’s not all about you – You don’t want to shout like a fan site that talks all about you. You write about topics that you want to discuss with your readers, but seriously, not all-about-you.
  • You write what you want and like – You’re not forced to pull off some words for a paid post, (best, don’t do them), you write away about the topics that you want to be seen by your readers and only these.
  • It’s not niche specific – When you have a personal blog, you don’t want it to have a niche (ex. YOU, technology, etc), you want it to be open for discussion about anything and everything, because there are times you’ll be moody and times you just want to get something out and seek refuge on your blog.
  • It has a contact form. Seriously. How can people contact you without this? You must have one, especially on a Personal Blog.
  • It isn’t updated 3-5 times a day. Well, if it is your only blog, then you can do so, but are you serious that you can keep up your other blogs when your personal blog alone gets multiple daily updates?
  • It is easy to browse. No(t) (t00) many ads scattered around. People can browse through easily and read topics about you. It shouldn’t be confusing and shouldn’t leave THOUSANDS of options what peopel can do next on your site.
  • Intergated with Social Media – You show your links to your social networking profiles, or probably updates of Facebook, Twitter or Plurk on the sidebar to keep your friends updated about what you are doing.
  • It has links. Links to your friends (not required) but at least links to your other site. Make it act like an portal of all your websites.

Anything that you can add to my list that make a Personal Blog, really personal?

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