3 Nights ’til My Beeday!

I feel so excited already, though I know there ain’t be much of excitement on my birthday. I even doubt that the visitor count will be more than a hand of mine. Some people that I’m expecting to see on that day are a few of my old Atenean Schoolmates and ever dearest/only friends. Chelsea, Luz and Rex to name 3 of them. While one of them is still missing and not found yet (in terms of attendance on meet-ups, not that other kind of missing).

There won’t be any house party, that’s for sure. Everything is totally disarranged (and that for years now) so I doubt that it’ll be fixed in least a few months. My father brought down all the stuff that was lay up on our house, so if in case the thunder will hit our house, it won’t cause a fire that’s ineffable.

What I do wonder about and may still hope on are the 3 birthday wishes that I have. First, to have a digital camera, secondly to get a shirt designed especially for my website Pinoy Teens and last but not the least get my paypal verified in the  means of getting a bank account.

Who knows, maybe I’ll find happiness in those wishes of mine as a replacement for the party that’s never going to happen here at home?

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