5 Most Appreciated Facebook Friends [Update]

Believe it or not I’m on my old laptop once again. I have set aside my Macbook Pro for the mean time. I just don’t really feel writing on it or doing anything at all with it. But that’s not the main concern of this post. I’m out of school right now, we don’t have classes until 1:30 this afternoon. Our biology teacher wasn’t around this morning. In other words, I woke up early for nothing. Still, that’s not what this post is all about it. I just like to share things, happenings and events that took place in my day to day activities, even if they’re a bit far off from the real topic. So, let’s get started as I’m about to present to you 5 of the most appreciated facebook friends in random order.

Janine ‎‎Cerdeña – She is one of those few facebook friends that I’ve come to appreciate without even knowing where and how it all started. It just happens that she pops up every now and then on my status messages, notes and topics that I’m discussing on my profile. Getting notified that she’s provided some input on any status or wall post that I’ve put up on Facebook always excites me, because it’s always certain that she’ll come up with something that makes sense. Aside from being a good Facebook buddy, she’s also one heck of a blogger coming through. We’re like minded in one way or another!

Doreen Labrador – Doreen is one of those precious gems in my Facebook world. I’ve got to know Doreen through the Pinoy  Big Brother fan page that I’ve put up during last Summer Vacation. And since then, there was no stopping her in becoming one of the most interesting, and in one way or another popular faces online from my point of view. She’s also one of the few Windows users that I have successfully converted to the Mac, and I’m sure that she doesn’t regret it one bit owning one of those MBP 15″ Core i 5 machines. Some of her schoolmates have approached her if she was the Doreen that was part of my summer administration team, and yes she was. Look how popular this girl gets by the day. 🙂

Mjhae Bateo – Another gem that I’ve discovered on Facebook goes by the name Mjhae. At first, I must admit, I expected her to be no more than the typical jejemon next door. But there’s much more to the typing about this girl. It’s just that she got used to type in an unfamiliar manner, but that doesn’t mean that what she’s coming up with in chat discussions are of the same level than those typical jejemon. She had this one video on Facebook and Youtube that has made her one of the most interesting and hyped about faces on my former PBB page with over 60,000 followers. As a side note, she recently contested in Ms Philippines Saudi Arabia, and of course, she nailed it. 🙂

Ami Kanno – or should I say Mumu (?) is one of my Facebook buddies that I’ve known for some time now. It wasn’t really my thing to show my face on webcam or look at someone else on webcam because something green would popup on most peoples’ minds, but no, she’s far off from that first impression which kinda scared me back then. She’s one friendly girl from Japan who proved me wrong in many ways. About chatting, about using the webcam and stuff like that. Makulit ito. And she really likes seeing my little Pikachu stuff toy named Pii. And there are odd moments that I feel like she’d rather want to chat with the little yellow guy instead of me, but hey, stuff toys can’t do that. :p

[Update] Iris Mae Urgel – A facebook buddy that I’ve met on.. well..Election Day (not really the best day for an EB?). She’s one of those few people that truly amaze me. It was the first time that we got together but I felt that she was comfortable talking with me, well, all we did was had a drink and played PvZ, add to it a little visit to the Mall and playing at Sonic Boom. She always comes up with a nice status update and usually pops up with those BIG CAPS statuses that always catch my attention (lol), she’s my schoolmate, too, but we barely meet at school, and since our first eb, we didn’t really managed to catch up. But nevertheless, I know she’s a good friend. 🙂

Disclaimer: People on this list are those who I have barely met in real life, people that I’ve come to know and get a long with through Facebook.

There are way more people on my mind now that I could write about, but time just won’t allow me to push on. It doesn’t mean that when you’re not on this list, that you’re not making sense to me or that I don’t appreciate you. It’s just that I can’t write about each and everyone of you. I could cover my administrators on the Anti-Illuminati Page, my blogger buddies from Davao, my admins on the other facebook pages that I have control over, but that would take up a lot of time and thinking about the words that would suit them most. So I’ll leave you with this little list for the mean time.

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