5 Favorite Facebook Buds for 2011

I just realized that it has been some time since my last blog post about my favorite and most appreciated Facebook friends… It’s been over a year na!

So, before I start procrastinating again and skipping this post altogether for another year or two… Let me introduce to you, my five best Facebook Buds for the year 2011! (In any order)

  • Jazzy Enelya – She’s my online Mom. One of many Mom’s that I have online! (lol) Jazzy is the one person that I can really trust and share my happy and fucked-up moments with. We share a lot in common, playing online games, creating content, et al. She’s certainly one of those few quality friends I’ve got out of Facebook. 😀
  • Aira Lheiz Aquino – Another favorite of mine is our very own Aira, the graphics designer for everything Pinoy Teens. Header, logos and banners, she’s the first person that comes to mind when I need any of these. I’m happy that she’s part of our small Pinoy Teens Family, even though we’re not active, at least, we’re tight. 🙂 I’m happy for her that she’s finally made the transition from High School to College life. It always makes me happy when I can chime in a few words to help inspire a person… – just like Aira’s perseverance inspired me.
  • Karizza Oriel – The Oreo girl. Este, the other Pinoy Teens girl that I’ve met this year. We’ve been friends on Facebook for a long time, but it’s just recently that we became “friends”. Another fella that I can talk to about stuff that troubles me at any given time! Kaso, nakakagutom lang talaga ‘tong family name nito. Oreo talaga naiisip ko.
  • Domdom Amarado – The third Pinoy Teens member on the list! Lol. He’s been a good friend to me this year, and has listened to most of my tragic stories… Emotero ako eh.. pero kung alam niyo lang…. Trivia: Domdom is one of the very few males that I chitchat every now and then on Facebook.
  • Don Chen – I’ve known this one for a long, long time already, but I doubt we’ve ever talked in person.. so, heto, kasali ka sa listahan ko! He’s become one heck of a blogger and SEO personell. Far advanced that I am at the moment, and he’s come a long way since starting out in the blogging world. It makes me feel happy somehow, that I’ve become part of his success by giving advices and so. 😀
And this concludes my high five Facebook Friends of 2011 😀
Thank you for being there for me when I needed someone to talk to. I really appreciate your friendship and virtual presence in times when I feel being talkative :p
I hope that out of this virtual friendship we have, we can meet up one day to seal the deal of being real friends. (seal real deal, rhymes! lol)
Again, thank you to all of you :D,
Student Blogger

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