5 Packing tips to ensure your valuables don’t break!

It is an almost universal law: no-one enjoys packing. It is tedious, tiring and often painstaking. And worst of all, if it is not done correctly you may get to your destination with broken valuables. If you are storing your goods in a storage facility, like Fort Knox Brisbane or a similar storage provider, it is also vital that your things are packed well to avoid damage. There is nothing more disappointing than unpacking treasured possessions to find them broken.

So, here are a few tips to help keep your valuables safe and in one piece!

Tip 1: Packing the crockery

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There is no getting away from it, crockery is generally breakable and must be individually packaged. Use packing paper or bubble wrap depending on the fragility of the vessel. Plates and cups can be nested for compactness and to avoid breakage caused by movement. All plates, platters, casserole dishes and the like should be packed on their edges. Add a layer of packing, bubble wrap is best, to the top and bottom of your packing carton and fill up all the gaps with scrunched up packing paper to stop things bouncing around.

Tip 2: Mirrors, paintings, windows and all things glass

These items are highly breakable and really need extra care and attention. They must be wrapped to protect them. Bubble wrap is the best packing material to use. Wrap them will and tape them well. While transporting these items it is important to stand them on their edges rather than laying them flat. Also, be careful not to place any heavy items on top of them while in transit or storage. Pressure can cause breakage.

Tip 3: Computers, TVs, video & audio equipment

The very best way to move these items is in the original packaging, if you still have it. Use the boxes and the styrofoam the goods came in and your equipment will be super-safe. If you don’t still have it, don’t despair. Good sturdy boxes and bubble wrap will do almost as good a job at keeping everything damage-free. Again, fill up any empty spaces in the box with paper or bubble wrap to prevent any movement. Store CD’s in their cases on their edges and don’t place anything heavy on top of them.

Tip 4: Furniture

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your furniture is sturdy and doesn’t need packing. Furniture that is scratched and marked is unappealing and can be avoided. Empty out all cupboards and drawers to avoid causing any damage to the framework. Wrap the legs of tables and transport them upside down on top of a sturdier piece of furniture. Add padding under the table to protect the table surface. Disassemble beds and make sure you mark the screws etc. so you know what piece of furniture they belong to. It is a good idea to put all pieces in a sock and tie it to the bed, table etc.

Tip 5: It’s all in the label

Clearly label all cartons containing breakables and don’t store heavy items on top of them. This is a very simple but important step. Make sure your labels are large and clear and preferably written in red.

Follow these few simple tips and you will ensure your valuables are safe and arrive at their new destination in one piece. Happy packing!

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