A Dream Come True

When I first started my online life, way back in May 2007, with my first ever domain pasawaykingdom.net, I always hoped and prayed that I could do something for myself, I mean, of course, Pasaway Kingdom was something for myself, but not that personal. I wanted to have a domain that could help me, express myself through the words I come up. I have tried achieving something with BADITS, the former poetry site of mine, well which name is not related to poems at all, plus, it’s page rank 2/10 suddenly dissappeared.

Now, I have finally made this dream come true, finally I was able to buy a domain name for my poems to rest and stay. poeticnotes.com, I hope that you like all poems that I have posted there, I’ve got 2 poems up already for you to critisize and as well as email to your friends πŸ™‚ (use the mail post button above the title)

POETIC NOTES comes with a cute pinkish purple theme, which (for me) suits it’s niche, love, and love poems. I hope that anytime soon, I could see POETIC NOTES run up the Alexa Rank and have many visitors reading my poetic words, and maybe you too πŸ™‚

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