A Lonely Week is Ending

Although I had much fun yesterday night, I have to say that this was a pretty lonely week, both in stats and in social life. My main blog garnered only 2000 visitors within these past 7 days which is extremely low. I don’t know what is going on or why this is happening to the website, but I have got nothing else to do but anticipate to see something positive after the recent domain name change that I conducted.

In social aspects, it hasn’t been much better, it has been worse actually. My friend Leslie is still mad at me because of the Mr Almighty prank that went a little bit too far. But hey, let time heal the anger and pain that I might have left on her. Oh, I wrote a new Poem for my Poetry blog by the way, which Princess posted on the main site. I have also met some old friends from Jesuit time last Monday.

Last night, was a quite funny night, I joined my “Ate” in class, Maribel to Dencios Hilltop to meet with two of her friends, one was from Finland while the other was a German, with whom I was able to communicate quite well in our native German language.

Yet the whole afternoon of my Saturday Weekend wasn’t that relaxing at all, but it was fun though. We played basketball all day long starting at 11 in the mornin up to 3 in the Afternoon when we just started eating lunch. I can’t believe that I have improved so much in that game. But did I really improve? In the past couple of weeks when I play with my barkada, most of my baskets come from far far away, from either 15 feet away or beyond the arc, while yesterday, I didn’t made any basket from that distance, but the drives to the basket have been the key.

Can I maintain that kind of game play until the next couple of matches that I’ll be playing with my friends?

Teen Philippines hasn’t been at its best yet, but wit these two sub blogs coming up (wordpress.teenph.com and entertainment.teenph.com) I hope that the traffic will move a bit higher beyond the extraordinary low 300 mark. Whilst from monetizing side of things, 2 USD per day are pretty awesome for such low unique visitor count.

I’m still thinking about adding 4 more sub blogs, but I don’t think that the server can handle it memory wise. Though all my blogs make use of less than 1 Server Load, it’s the memory that my websites are eating up, even on minimal plugins.

But if I would add those sub blogs it would be:

  • videos.teenph.com
  • photos.teenph.com
  • research.teenph.com
  • music.teenph.com

But still, like I said above, it is just a temporary thought yet.

A few updates from our main blog, my best friend was so stupid to feature me on my own website. Doesn’t that sounds quite odd? Being featured on your own site?

I posted 13 things that bloggers shouldn’t do, well, blogging related topics are the best things that I can come up lately, and I hope that my readers like them too.


Something is wrong, something is really wrong and I don’t know what it is, I’m lack of financial funds right now to continue support hosting at this very moment, it’ll take a couple of days for my SP and PPP money to arrive and I need to pay 20 USD for the hosting. Whilst I can’t come up with that money you need to stay on the dry. Unless someone is kind enough to sponsor us?