A Poem for..

Today is the eleventh of the month, a special day, somehow. It’s been special since the eleventh of December, last year, until this very minute. I’ve written this following poem just within this year, inspired by the eleventh, and well said; a noticeable piece that appeals good to its readers who have read it already.

This poem is about a guy, who loves someone (it could be vice versa too), he/she is willing to give her/him everything, just as described within this poem. I hope you like it. It’s a poem for..


I would soar and touch the sky,
Yes I know, you think it is a lie..
But why would I ever do?
Why should I lie to you?

I would run upon my crippled feet,
And you upon heaven’s gate I’ll meet..
But however, I know, this sounds untrue,
I swear I’ll do, forever love you…

I would go and reach all stars above,
For you just to feel my endless love..
I know it’s been kinda much,
but baby.. just a single touch…

I would shout so that all world could hear,
That I love you and need you near..
I know it’s been such exaggeration,
but Chedie you’ve been my inspiration…

Through out all things that I’ve been through,
the blessing I’ve met named after you..
Yet all words just seem to loose their meaning,
as they can’t replace..
replace the love that I’m giving..

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