A quite week behind

It has been a quite week (last week). With nothing much happening, and absolutely nothing going on around the Pinoy Teens Online Network. And if there was something going on, it was definitely of no good.

I won’t talk too much and keep you busy but let me start my link love for this moment. There’s a lot that I’d like to share to you via my other websites that I am taking care of. Starting this sharing would be a quite gorgeous picture of my crush in school, I grabbed it from her multiply account.

Then, here’s a very very funny cut created using a free and open source software called blender. This video was shown during the Software Freedom Day 2008 at the UM Matina Auditorium. Speaking about the SFD, I was there and like I said a couple of days back (a week or so ago) besides being there for mere attendance, I was there to share some of my knowledge and my thoughts about the open source blogging software WordPress. Here’s a video of my shameful performance :p

We’ve got 3 new exciting bloggers (authors), one of them getting thing started with a post of a Disney Channel Original, Mythbusters. Hope to see more of these exciting posts!

That’s all that I have in store right now, but wait. I’d like to introduce to you the personal web blog of my girlfriend, located at her own domain name (which I bought for her).

With this, let me come to a conclusion by inviting all of you to participate in our quite active shoutbox and as well as in our pretty active forum which we have revived from the deaths just this day. Also, don’t forget to add me in plurk and follow my exciting day to day updates!

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