Hello folks,

Looks like my personal website has got a new web design, a new domain name, and surely a new concept coming up in the next couple of weeks to come. I have decided to change my domain name to studentblogger.net to hereby pursue the mind bugging problem that has once bugged me and hindered me from writing anything at all.

Aside from the visual aspects of this website, I will also try to write better articles, yet before I may do so, I have to fix a few issues with this theme template and conceptualize a few of the new stuff that I want to show off on this website. This includes, but is not limited to the creation of a few new categories and write ups about blogging, about myself and even more.

But, what will Pinoy Teens be doing? Pinoy Teens, of course, will not stand lonely by and await any new updates. As I will be bringing my “former” writers/contributors, Princess and Joseph backĀ  on board. It will mainly consist of entertainment articles and of course, a nice journal entry about the Philippine Teen in general down the shores of Southeastern Mindanao (Davao City).

I have probably blabbered too much already for this little update that I was planning to write informing my fifty subscribers of this blog that I am still alive and kicking. I still have some JS Practice to attend, ’til then.