A temporary goodbye?

I can’t take it anymore. Yes, you may have encountered that statement multiple times being uttered by me, either on Plurk, Facebook on a blog or somewhere else. And it may make you wonder what’s up with me yet again that I have come to a crazy and swift decision like closing up my main project -among others-, Pinoy Teens Online until further notice that may take as long as the first quarter of 2010.My parents, particularly the mother side came up with a few words that really struck me in a very negative way. We were negotiating on a deal for a new laptop, when she just started to laugh and say random words freely that felt like I’ve been stoned. I don’t feel like sharing what she said here, sorry.

I’ll get rest from all this blogging stuff and other online work that I’ve been doing to earn hard for a new laptop. I agreed with my father that he’ll get me an iMac 27-inch i7, but that at the expense of my laptop that was scheduled to come this Christmas, nevertheless there’s still hope that someone else might chime in and show support for a new laptop, and that would be my Ninang and Ninong, among others.

The whole drama has no relation to the failed agreement to get a new laptop this Christmas, well not really. But the words that she stoned at me were uttered during a peaceful and decent discussion on what we could do to get myself a good working laptop if not this Christmas, as early as possible for as long as I would get a model that is not only worth its price, but useful for the tasks that I’m planning to do.

With that said, I’ll mysteriously fade out of the scene and re-enter the real world for one last time this year, especially this holiday season. In which I’m looking forward to spend time with people around me in the real world and not just in front of my 13-inch display.

Who knows, maybe I’ll rediscover the will and interest to blog again within the next couple of months, or weeks. But I can assure, not days. I also have a little pride in me that got really hacked small by the few painful words she left me.

If it’s not the case that I get back in the mood of blogging within the soon future. I would like to thank everyone beforehand. Everyone who is involved in building up Pinoy Teens Online. Everyone who has contributed to it, all the people who helped me, encouraged me and taught me things in their own unique way.

I’d most especially like to thank the present writing team of Pinoy Teens Online who have been there for me and the website at troublesome times, especially these past few weeks. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Goodbye blogging, goodbye Pinoy Teens Online. You will always be a part of me, like the 1,100,000 other visitors that we’ve touched together.

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