A War of Desperation

The candy mag blog awards are currently going on, and I have noticed several things about the competition at hand. There are a lot of blog owners who have become desperate. Let me define it. There are a lot of blogs joining the competition, and I have checked each and everyone of them, one by one; and I have rated them all, accordingly to what the site has, how it looks like, activity, discussion (comments) design and some other aspects. While at the other hand, I am sure, that there are so many people who are voting for other blogs and give them 1, 2 or 3 as a vote, without even seeing the site!

You might think that it’s a joke, but no, it’s really true!  Let me take my poetry site as an example. I have received around 80 votes, with only 4-10 people who actually viewed my blog! (I have an wordpress site tracker-like plugin installed there to know).

I wonder why they have set up a competition like this, in which only the big may win, and the small remain small, it’s like something common to favoritism, oh well, and it really is favoritism. I have seen an almost perfect blog and I doubt that people have really checked that blog out, since it’s rating is only a bit above the 3 mark?!

It’s really disappointing for such a big network (candy mag) to create such a competition, in this kind of way. No, I have no better suggestion on how or what to do actually, but it’s really disappointing, because clearly from my point of view, not the best blogs do win, but the blogs of the popular owners.

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