It’s official. I’ve been off the mark in the blogging world for exactly a week and a day, I have not written any post since the Easter Sunday Mass article that I wrote on my Entertainment Website about a week ago, and it has really hurt my traffic by some means.



I was instead indulging myself playing Online Games, enjoying a couple of rounds of Dota with Friends here at home, playing FIFA 08 (sorry, that’s all my Laptop can TAKE) and of course a few ball games on the NBA that my Laptop is carrying with it. For the mean time, it was awesome but at the long end of the enjoyment I realized that I did not benefit even a cent out of my doings and thought to get things started again.

I seriously need to stand my words, especially the words that I have uttered way back that blogging was something that I considered a hobby or passion, it has recently becoming my work, headache and chore here at home. As for due a whole week, I was not able to nail any article down. But I never had my eyes turned away from this problematic situation that I am in; it always played as the background noise of my mind how to revive my long-dead-blogs. And I have finally come to a solution, which is just continue blogging and go the happy-go-lucky way, just the route I took exactly an year ago during my stellar performance in the blogoshpere, local, or international.

TeDebHurR, Girl Friend Rhea, Buncho, Smooch, Ex Girl Debbie, Marbie, Beshie

Name it, you’ll have them. These is just a partial list of those girls that ar bugging my mind right now, not that I’m obsessed or anything, it’s just that these female personalities (whom each of them as played a great role in shaping my life) are part of what I consider to be a nightmare. I cannot really come to explain that nightmare of mine, it’s just that when I wake up the next day, I recall having seen any of the mentioned above with a very weary and heavy load on my chest, something that I really cannot explain, for as long as I know that it has been a unpleasant dream.

Ateneo de Davao University – Quest for Survival

Amongst the many hundreds who are also grabbing their opportunity to join the elites of Davao at the Ateneo de Davao University, it’s surely a quest for survival for me out there. I still have a big hurdle in my way before I can cruise in to my old alma matter where I have messed up pretty a lot during my three year stay, am I destined to return to the Jesuits or will I end up with my second best opted school, the UIC Davao? Either way it may go, what’s for sure is that I will be an I.T Student at any of these Universities.

Where is my blogging heading?

I’m having problems in getting started with my blogs and the small network that I have just recently launched, that problem lies in claiming/verifying ownership of these website on Technorati, it just take years before I can get them verified, there seems to be a bug in their system or it’s really just that I’m that unlucky and that my blogging future has been written off for a long time now, but anyways, after pointing out the mistake and the reasons why Pinoy Teens is not developing, I guess I have a good chance in correcting these mistakes in soon time, I’ve got just a month to go before classes resume and my blogging habit will be even more lowered.

Anyways for now, I’m partly back to the old Student Blogger a lot miss (the people who are subscribed to Pinoy Teensand frequently email me)