A Week Like No Other

I’m loosing a friend.

I wonder what else could have gone wrong this week. One my best buds in the classroom is very mad at me, because I’ve been texting his girlfriend for quite a day or two and he thinks that I like her (which I do by 0.90% only because of her eyes) and because he thinks that I’ll sneak her away from him, which is a very big no no.

I’m a good boy, not a gentle dog.

I wonder why I should sneak her away from that said classmate of mine when I’ve got a complicated girl of my own to handle? With complicated I mean, or means of communication is quite complicated since she’s a little far across the sea; in Manila to be specific. But it shouldn’t be that hard actually, since we’ve managed to make it for more than a year and a half already. What hurts is the fact that she has lost her mobile phone good 3 weeks ago, now if you don’t call this relationship quite complicated without a mobile phone and not being in touching distance, then there’s something wrong with you.

The never ending traffic problem

Well, it has been the story all week long, the traffic of Pinoy Teens Online which continues to turn to the unfavorable side of beings. Only good that the bonfire scandal brought in a couple of visitors! But that’s all that it has brought me. And then, just as predictable as always, the heavy arrow head, heads down.

Multiple Authored Blog with 1 Working Mind?

Then, we’ve got all these new authors, speaking of these new authors on Pinoy Teens? Where are they?! None of them has been posting lately, Izy, Joseph, Princess and yours truly where the once who kept things on the go on the blog, well particularly me. I doubt those people will ever start blogging on Pinoy Teens, I’m to shamed of the fact that even my hostees (sub domain bloggers) aren’t raising their finger tips to either do something with their blog or do anything at all.

Aika claims sugardrop.net hosted by the Philippine Host

Speaking about hosting, one good thing (for the winner, which is a bad thing for me) is that we’ve got a domain name winner for our monthly domain giveaway this September, and it’s Aika. It’s not that good for me because I’m pretty low in the financial aspect since EC selling is a big no no.

Where is G-Cash when I need it?

And now that I’ve raised the fact that I’m low in terms of financial, not only is my online account lacking some bucks, but as well as my in-real money, I still need to get a sum of 1,000 Pesos from 3 people who owe me something, yet I’m still thinking if I should let them pay me online; hassle free.

Dear oh Dear, Globe at it’s best.

Well, hassles have been there all week long, problems with my internet connection and a 14 hour long hiatus on the main blog and some other small issues.

But let’s turn to the brighter side of things.

Philippine Host, the hosting services of Pinoy Teens Online is back, and that for good. In fact, I was able to take down two posts on that particular blog already. Let’s see when I’ll be able to get a couple of new customers for that.

One big fight Kabataang Pinoy!

I believe I haven’t told anyone yet, but Pinoy Teens Online is hailed Entertainment Blog of the Month for September according to a contest that fellow entertainment blogger Julia Aquino is hosting every month. It was the first time that we where able to join her contest and we took the lead with pride.

Mathematics at will!

Dumping Mathematics 3 times in a row (falling asleep during classes) wasn’t a pretty idea, it led to the fact that I was forced to open up my Mathematics Book for the first time in two years months. I can’t believe it either but upon sacrificing three hours of my time to understand whatever content of the book I need to absorb, I made it. And the next 2 quizzes that came up have been handled with ease by me. Even my classmates can’t believe it!

Kicking blogging?

There was this Thursday Afternoon, when I almost gave up blogging for Soccer. Our school (the worst in the town) now offered Soccer Training and a Soccer Club which I almost joined but then decided against it when I realized that I just can’t get my fingers of the keyboard and my eyes off the monitor.

That’s not all, I’m just too lazy.

What else can I say? What else could I add on? This sums up pretty much everything that happened in this quite chaotic week for me. And last but definitely not the least, I’d like to thank all of those who cared to read this, especially my girlfriend. I love you Badits.

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