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Blogger | WordPress Developer | Web Hosting Manager
since 2008 in Davao

Georg Kevin has started being a student blogger and managing forums in Davao at the young age of 17 and has since developed into a full-fledged WordPress Developer creating websites for local SMEs in Davao. See more of his web services here.

Aside from his commitment of being a WordPress user, volunteer and enthusiast, he was also a former Student Leader acting as the President of his College’s I.T program before moving on and becoming the Student Council President of the Philippine Women’s College of Davao.

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His passion, however, lies in public speaking, where he won a title in 2016, and sharing his knowledge about WordPress and other related topics.


The Rockstar

Freelance Developer

Georg Kevin is a WordPress enthusiast, user and developer through and through, having used WordPress for over 10 years now since 2007.

The Preacher

Public Speaker

Back in the day, Georg Kevin was one of the best Public Speaker his school has known. Having scored a first place and second place finish at both Nationwide competitions he attended, he does know how to be persuasive and get his point across.

The Leader

Leadership Qualities

Having served as a Student Leader within his department and the President of the student body at large, Georg Kevin possesses immense leadership skill and potential.

Blogging and Speaking Experiences

  • Software Freedom Day 2008 Davao – Speaker (WordPress)
  • Software Freedom Day 2009 Davao – Speaker (WordPress and Blogging)
  • Philippine Women’s College of Davao I.T Acquaintance Day – Speaker (WordPress and Blogging)
  • Software Freedom Day 2011 Davao – Speaker (WordPress and Blogging)
  • Philippine Society of Information Technology Students Region 11 Fundraiser 2011 – Speaker (WordPress and Blogging)
  • Philippine Society of Information Technology Students Region 9 Conference 2012 – Speaker (WordPress and Blogging)
  • San Pedro College of Davao 2012 – Speaker (Online Advertising)
  • Interface Computer College Davao ICT Festival 2014 – Speaker (WordPress, Blogging, MMO, Online Advertising, SEO & Author Ranking)
  • Davao Digital Influencers WordPress Workshop 2017 – Speaker (WordPress.com vs WordPress.Org)
  • Basic Blogging and Vlogging Workshop 2017 – Mati City – Speaker
  • Philippine Women’s College of Davao I.T Festival 2017 – Speaker (Social Media, Blogging Basics, WordPress Basics, WordPress Development Workshop)
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