Who is the Student Blogger?

A Geek

I love to tinker around with computers. That’s probably the reason why I picked Information Technology as my course. 🙂

#LoA Practitioner

I believe in the Law of Attraction. Good thoughts can bring good things, but of course, it doesn’t stop just there. One has to do good things and be productive to claim good things. Nothing comes out of nothing, but starting positively is always worth something!

Pokemon Trainer

I love to play Pokemon. I’ve played the game all the way back since its first iteration in the late 90s. And just recently in 2014, I have started catching up with the game. It never gets old, and it never ceases to amaze me, specially from a competitive point of view.

Football Fanatic

I live and breathe the game. I simply love the sport. Football, just like my gal and Pokemon make up most of my time and attention.



The Ever Supportive Circle of Friends

No man is an island. My ever evolving circle of friends are proof of that. COGS, a philosophy that yours truly and my most dedicated associate Orhan Fernandes are trying to build upon paves the way.

Rhea Sylvia Dimpas

Rhea Sylvia Dimpas

The Ever Support Girlfriend

Here comes Rhea. My girlfriend. The one that I love. The one that’s closest to me and to my heart. The one who understands my weirdness and loves me despite all this and that.



The Little Girl From Wonderland

Yannah is my little daughter. Ever since she came into my life, things have changed abruptly. Not only have things simply changed, things have changed for the better. No matter what happens, no matter what comes, she’ll remain to be my little girl from wonderland.