The WordCamp Davao aftermath

In the past, I tend to write a lot about events that I attended, especially if these events are about blogging, well, that’s not the case anymore. I’m lazy to write things this very hour, and I shall leave it with a few moments I want to share about my Wordcamp Davao experience as a Volunteer of the said blogging event.

WordCamp Davao 2009 Volunteer Kevin Paquet

The event kicked off with a decent attendance, well a few noteworthy people were missing, most especially my dear blogging bestfriend (I so mean it the other way around), kidding aside, I thought that some avid bloggers from Davao City like Aice would be around, Ria Jose wasn’t there and a few others that expected to be there.

Kuya Migs Mobile hosted the event. Dulce from Pad Solutions was present too to introduce a bunch of interesting WordPress themes that are suitable for any kind of blogger, from personal to media to like I said, any kind of blogger. Lyle Santos was there to introduce a handful of plugins that every WordPress installation should have, and also added a few fancy ones in which one has caught my attention that I just had to install immediately on my blog, and that is the Sexy Bookmarks WordPress plugin. Thanks for the couple of extra plugs, sana sa WordCamp Manila meron din, kahit wala ako :p

I’d love to share pictures with you from the event, but don’t have any picture available right now (wonder why it takes so long for Charles, Chattee and the others to upload pictures). :p

The event was well attended from the close circle of Mindanao Bloggers, the usual people I come to spend some time with after blogging events, like the Digital Filipino Club event that happened some weeks back. Avel Manansala from GenSantos.Com was also rumored to be present but did not show up, also a Cotabato Blogger wasn’t able to make it to the event.

I might have made it to WordCamp Davao as a volunteer this year, but it is unlikely that I can get out of Davao to attend the main event in Manila just like I did last year, and I so badly wanted to have that perfect attendance going on WordCamp Events.

Other friends in the blogger world that were present are Brendel and Miah. Yours truly and Faust helped out volunteering in aiding newbies getting started with their transition to WordPress, well, a job well done if you ask me, based on the looks and smiles of my three newbies to the WordPress software.

Aside from the fact that I lack financial funds to attend WordCamp Philippines 2009, I’ll also have my own little WordPress talk at the University of the Immaculate Conception for Software Freedom Day 2009 that I’ll be writing more about in a while at Pinoy Teens.

The event, by the way, was sponsored by Blogie’s Davao Deli.

Sorry for those I’ve missed out

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