All The Old Days

The following poem that you are about to read talks about my childhood in particular, though it’s trying to discuss a lot more besides my childhood, specifically the old days I am missing, the old days I am longing to come back, but may never ever come back anymore.

Honestly speaking, I wrote the following poem in hassle, just to get out an entry for today, but anyways, I hope that you like this poem that you are about to read, at least; it’s freshly created by me, just a couple of minutes ago ^^,)


Way back when I was innocent,
the time I haven’t yet known love..
The days when I felt very fine,
and had everything I wish I have..

All the days that passed,
all that I’ve been through..
all the old days I am missing,
like it hasn’t been that true..

The time I used to play with friends,
upon the hills and shores..
On the field playin’ basketball,
way down low and more..

But now, I’m frightened, feeling scared..
There’s no turning back no more..
I feel lonely and very sad..
Look what I’ve become right now..

Don’t you miss those smiles?
Your parents gave you every time..
Don’t you miss the lovely times?
When parents used to call you mine..

And now, here in my life..
They treat me like some crap..
Like those old days were never true..
And all old days,
were never true..

The gry of childhood deep in me,
the tempest sorrow of my heart..
How much I wish to go back,
the time when all I had..

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