Always You – Love Poem

This poem was written on February 25, 2015. It’s part of Kevin Paquet Creations 2015. This poem goes out to my girlfriend, for it’s been always her.

Days used to be lonely,
and the nights used to be cold.
Stopped hoping in destiny,
for I’ve never known…

My love was still out there,
the one that’s for me.
I never thought it could be true,
but girl, it’s been always you.

You, the one to save me,
you, the one I love.
You, the one, my destiny,
My “all I want” to have.

Days started being brighter,
and the nights have been quite fun.
For all that you have shown me girl,
I know that you’re the one.

There may be no forever,
but heck, I love you so.
I just want a measly lifetime
to stay in love with you.

And prove to you… It’s always you.

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