American sports events that you have to see

Australia has the State Of Origin and the UK has the Grand National, but it’s America that takes the cake for the grandest and most highly awaited sporting events in history. If you’re travelling to The States, here’s five of the best sports games that you must see at least once in your lifetime.

Super Bowl

Over 100 million American tune in to watch this great sporting event. It’s no wonder that advertisers pay up to $4 million for a single 30 second commercial. The Super Bowl is all about greasy food, cool and controversial commercials and a game so uniquely intense and dangerous that demands an immense amount of physical and mental strength from the toughest men in America. Essentially, it is Americas biggest party; one that every person should add to their bucket list. Something to brag about and share images of with your friends (if you have the credit on your Travelsim).

Major League Baseball World Series

American Sport Leagues
American Sport Leagues

Don’t be fooled, World Series doesn’t actually include the world, but a best of seven games played between the winners of the American League and the National League. The World Series is more than just a must see event, it’s a fixture of American culture that has captured the hearts of generation after generation. The greatest moments in sporting history have happened within that diamond, our parents would reflect fondly on the time when Reggie Jackson homered in three consecutive at-bats during game six against the Dodgers in 1977, or Don Larsens’ perfect game in 1956.

Redneck Games

While this is not considered to some as a great American Sport, nor is it one that receives endorsement deals from Nike, the Summer Redneck Games requires a special kind of athlete that has to be seen to be believed. So, what games would you find at an event like this one? Certainly not chess or football. No, you’ll get to witness the cigarette flip, bobbing for pigs trotters, toilet seat throwing, mud pit belly flop, big hair contests, armpit serenades, wet t-shirt contests, dumpster diving, bug zapping and hubcap hurling. Ingenious, isn’t it?

NBA Finals

The NBA finals is one of the most highly anticipated events in the sporting world. The best team from each conference meet on the largest basketball stage to compete for the Larry O’Brien trophy. It’s never an easy contest, as some of the most talented players in the world go head-to-head in the spotlight for NBA supremacy. Recent years has seen the Miami Heat dominate the NBA, taking out the two most recent championships. Lead by arguably the best player in the world today, LeBron James, the Miami Heat have claimed their reign as the world’s best basketball team. The NBA finals is played in a best of 7 games format, where the first team to win 4 games takes out the glory.

Kentucky Derby

Fondly referred to as the ‘most exciting two minutes in sports,’ the Kentucky Derby is so much more than two minutes of galloping. You get the ultimate package when you attend – two full days, morning to night – jam packed with fun. You don’t have to know that much about horse racing, but just enough to appreciate its 138 year history. Before the decider, punters get the chance to show their fashion prowess at the Oaks Day. This event takes place the day before Derby day, which means, double the hats, double the Mint Juleps, double the chances to bet and double the racing action.

What’s your favourite sporting event? Tell us in the comments below.

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