An Inspirational Song

In times when I’m down, whenever I’m sad and don’t know what to do; the next person I’ll gonna approach is the one from above.

I admit, in times of happiness and joy, I often forget about him, I often don’t mind him, his calls, his care and love for me, my family and my friends. Well, to change a bit around, I am here proud to present you one of my favorites again, one of the best and most touching inspirational songs that I have ever heard.

What Will I Do My Lord?

let me know, oh my god
What I am supposed to do
I hope you don’t mind
My asking you
I beg you to heal me
My body and my soul
You are my hope
My everything my all

What will I do my lord
Help me to see
What heart to thee
Let me fallow the plan
Your devine plan for me
What will I do my lord
Help me to see

Let me know, oh my god
What am I supposed to do
Just show me the way
I’ll follow you
I now I ask you to help me
Take away all my fears
Come to my heart
Please take away my tears

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