And I felt sooo lonely then

Hmm.. Some of you may have noticed this theme before, this was my old theme, which is now my present theme. Since the other them wasn’t quiet working well, as I wished; it always resets itself to default after every 30 minutes, which is hell annoying.

One of the major reasons why I avoided using this present theme was the plugin compatibility, a lot of plugins where just not working alright, or not working at all. Just like the Peters Comment Spam. And guess what the outcome was?

Maybe, there were a few generous people of you, who wanted to leave a comment on my blog, but wasn’t able to, since the asked spam word was not shown, (because of the theme). Thanks to one of my friends who informed about the error, so I was able to remove the said plugin and get things going again 🙂

You may now leave comments again, if you wish. They make me very happy, and believe me guys, yesterday was such a lonely day, with not even a single comment.

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