And the Tragedy Continues

The Tragedy Continues

All of my websites have been down for more than 24 hours. And the sacrifice; I DROPPED IN ALL GOOGLE RESULTS! It hurts, really, but somehow, I have to take on with that. But that’s not the only problem that I am facing right now. Because, apparently, one of my top sites, pinoy teens has lost its precious page rank of 3, and dropped back to 2. I don’t know if it could be related to the down time that my sites had a that it has dropped A LOT, or that it just happened because of a bit misfortune.

Beside that, Kevin Paquet still has a page rank of 2, uniboards managed to incline to page rank of 2, and last but surely not the least; amazingly, BADITS.NET took the lead with a PAGE RANK OF 3 of all my websites! And, these are all my four sites that have a page rank, while my other sites do not have any at all. So, I need to start working again.

But before I start working with my page rank, one thing that I will take on is the current situation of me and google, my search results. I will resubmit all my sites to the search engines, and start getting indexed, I need to post a lot of new articles in order to get google’s ass up on my sites again to fight back in google results, or maybe, it’s just a matter of fact that my page rank dropped, and so my ranking in the google results too (

Well, it’s midweek now, but this sounds like I’m going to have a long week ahead still, and definitely a long weekend to work on. (

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