April 1

I figured that I should listen to my body – if it wants to work, let it work. Here I am. Sitting in front of the computer right now. Typing away and fiddling around with a couple of sites that I own. One thing that I’m very excited to work with is my new domain that I purchased a few days back.

Yes, here I am again. I’m planning things. Things that are probably going to fail in the end as the odds haven’t been in my favor for a long while. Believe me, I’m getting fed up with these kind of blog posts and statements, too. (just like all of you who have peeked over my blog’s recent entries in the past 12 months.

There’s this new spark of confidence inside of me though. I don’t know. It just feels right. Pinoy Teens has been – as always – on a way down, way way down. It seems unlikely to get out of that hole that’s has become so fucking deep already that even I have lost will and morale working on it.

That’s what I consider the role of an underdog. Trying to get something so fucked and messed working again. Maybe I’ll succeed this time around? Who knows.

Wish me luck. My mind is really hyperactive at the moment. My body feels a bit weary and tired. It certainly wants to sleep. Yet my brain won’t allow it to – not yet. There are things that I have to do this morning. (yep, it’s 4:35 in the morning now)

Unless I find a way to satisfy my brain that’s run haywire during these hours, I’m pretty sure I won’t get to sleep any time soon. So… let me finish this blog post right here and get to work!

Oh, and just on a side note. This is not an April Fools joke. I’m need to be productive!!! 🙂

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