My Best Poem, formerly: Asleep

As you have noticed, most of my poems come in seasons, or are part of the special series, which are dedicational poetic compositions that tackles my feelings towards a specific person, I haven’t posted much like that here, yet.

But anyways, this poem that you are about to read comes from the 2nd Batch of Poems (seasons), which is namely, Asleep. A poem written on the 14th of February 2006, ones dedicated to my present loved one that time, enhanced through the years with additional Languistic Effects. It talks about love again, how much I wish to own someone, with all those stuck in my mind.. I fell, asleep..


i’m lying here in my bed,
remembering your pretty face,
i don’t know what to do,
i don’t know how to let you know. . .

i’m here alone in my room,
thinkin’ about yesterday,
i hope that you won’t o
in my heart you’ll stay. . .

now i go asleep
dreaming about you
can’t understand nor believe
that my feelings might be true. . .

but, here i am
with my wounded heart
here i’m lying in pain
all alone.. i wish…
that you’ll come again. . .

i’ll stay asleep ’till then
when you will wake me up
please let me hold your hand
and help me up to stand. . .

look inside my heart,
only you, you’ll see. . .
i’m asleep right now and dreaming. . .
that you too are loving me…


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