Put yourself out there: How to network in the digital industry

Thanks to the possibilities and capabilities of digital communication, significant changes to your life can occur almost instantly because of digital networking. So how do you go about it? How do you take advantage of these exciting possibilities? Read on to discover some rules and tips that will allow you to network effectively, opening up […]

Bayern crash out of Champions League disastrously

Titleholders Bayern Munich where no match whatsoever for Real Madrid who may not have totally outclassed them, but definitely outscored, and outsmarted the Bavarians. It was bound to happen. Despite being so positive and all-out supportive for my dear Bayern side, it was clear to see with about 20 minutes into the second leg that […]

Football Talk: Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich Preview

Real Madrid will host titleholders Bayern Munich in a match, that could decide who’s going to win the Champions League this year. Both Real Madrid and Bayern Munich count as being title favorites, which makes it a bit disappointing that arguably the two best football clubs in the world at the moment have to face […]

Still space for a return to blogging?

I’ve put promises left and right. I tried to motivate myself and my fellow writers by leaving strong words whenever I had the chance to grasp them and utilize them on any of the blogs we command. But, is there really any space to return to blogging? For me? For my fellow Pinoy Teens Contributors? […]