Titleholders Bayern Munich where no match whatsoever for Real Madrid who may not have totally outclassed them, but definitely outscored, and outsmarted the Bavarians.

It was bound to happen. Despite being so positive and all-out supportive for my dear Bayern side, it was clear to see with about 20 minutes into the second leg that this ain’t be Bayern’s night. It’s such a disappointment, because the fans have prepared very well and were very supportive before and throughout most of the game.

After trashing Barcelona at this stage of the Competition last year, it was Bayern who got trashed by a Spanish team again. Bayern, the so deadly Bayern… ended up without even a single goal against Real Madrid.

It’s the third team from the Bundesliga that Real Madrid kicked out of the competition. That says a lot about where the Bundesliga is at the moment.

But the big question is… how will Bayern recover? What will they do to rectify this huge, embarrassing loss at the home and through both games of the tie?

We’ll see about that.

I’m sure this slap in the face for Bayern will have its unpleasant consequences somewhere.