An update about Typhoon Yolanda which is inching closer and closer to the Philippines. Typhoon Yolanda is a super typhoon with the international codename of Haiyan.

The Philippines is to undergo yet another natural calamity. This time, all of Visayas (and probably other parts of the Philippines) are about to experience the wrath of the upcoming Typhoon Yolanda. The typhoon I’m talking about goes with the International Codename of Haiyan.

As it stands in the most recent update that I have published, it has accelerated its path towards the Philippines and is expected to hit land this coming Thursday already. Nobody wants to experience calamities like these. But it seems like this one is one of this inevitable ones, were the best thing one can do is prepare for the worse and hope for the best to happen.

Some of my friends from the Compostela Valley including those victims of Typhoon Pablo last year in Cateel have been quite worried about the upcoming typhoon. It is more likely though that Visayas will take the full toll of Yolanda.

Let’s help each other out. Stay updated. Keep your gadgets charged. Keep important belongings away from water-prone areas. Load up your mobile phones. Report whatever you have to report immediately to the online world and local authorities.

Keep safe everyone, and God bless.