Candy Mag Blog Awards

Thank you to my friend, iBeLieVe, the mysterious guy who has nominated Poetic Notes to be part of the Candy Mag Blog Awards! Just a while ago, I have added the code which all nominees are requested to add to their respective blog that has been nominated.

I feel happy about this, that people still come to appreciate my poetic notes, my poem collection and are enjoying reliving my experiences via the notes I left behind. Hopefully, you’ll continue enjoying my poems, as I enjoy writing them for you (for the new ones that are coming up soon). But for now, I’m just presenting my sweet collection from past :p

Additional features might be added soon, like for example a wider range of topic, which will not only rely on poems, but love stories and romance too. But besides stories, I may also come to include articles about my experience or tips and tricks on how to handle a relationship nicely, so just lookout, on what the near future brings đŸ™‚

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