Candy Mag Blog Awards

I’m really having nothing else to do, boredom is hauning me again, and it has almost caught me. Well, it didn’t really do, since I was able to find a solution for my boredome and joined the Candy Mag Blog Awards. I don’t know what was running through my mind that time as I rushed to the nominate blog option, well, I haven’t much presentable here, beside the little tips and tricks corner that I am using and the unmatched WordPress addictive Theme that I am wearing. Besides that, there’s nothing much to explore, that’s why; I’ll gonna take some time and add some additional content here, to make it not look that monotony, since apparently, the past few days, it has been WordPress here, and WordPress there.

I wonder if there is really any who comes to like the content, or if not, at least the design that I am using. Actually, the Candy Mag Blog Awards has been a big foe to me, but what can I do? I’m in now, I don’t really hope that this personal blog can make it through, but I hope that either Pinoy Teens or my poems at Poetic Notes may pursue all the wishes of it. 🙂

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