Change in Identity

Does anyone has have noticed the little image that hangs around beside my comments here and on several other blogs? Did you notice it change from time to time? Just like the one that I have below here?

Kevin Paquet Let me tell you something about them. Usually, there ain’t be hosted by my blog or any of my sites (but I had to, this time, since I am posting it in public.

All the images like that are hosted by one of the services that Automattic has acquired some time back.

People who have heard about GRAVATAR.COM might be very familiar with this! I know a lot of you hasn’t explored the world wide web that much, so let me give a little consideration:

Gravatar stands for Globally Recognized Avatar, all you need to do is register your email, verify it, upload a photo, and crop it as desired. Now having automattic in possession of this service, the images can be up to 120×120 pixel large, which was much smaller before.

What’s the use of this, people might ask. For me, it’s use in the sense of identifying or let’s say presenting yourself to other people, it allows you to store any kind of image, a personal picture, a picture of your pet or anything to represent you on gravatar enabled blogs, forums and websites, just like my blog, which is gravatar enabled.

Grab your own gravatar now, for free :p

Attention DDBOARD Members!

I have a little contest for you!

Choose my gravatar:

  • Entry #1
  • Entry #2
  • Entry #3
  • Entry #4
  • Entry #5

The gravatar with the most number of votes will be my gravatar of the Month, and will be the gravatar from which those who have voted for it may have the chance to bag home 125 ddpoints, a text link advertisement and a 125×125 banner on my blog!

All you have to do in order to join is to add a comment on this article, kindly use your ddboard username with it, reply with some content and let me know which from the 5 gravtars you interest most!

Comments will all stay unpublished until the deadline which is in exactly 48 hours of now!

Oh, by the way. There will be a surprise prize for all those who enter having an GRAVATAR with their comment 🙂

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