CHEDIElicious Disaster

I haven’t posted much, recently, wasn’t able to give a countdown, nor a little quote over the past days. Geez what is keeping me busy the past days? The title speaks for itself, and  fairly expresses one thought, Chedie; Alica Kria. Honestly, I cannot say that there is a CHEDIE still existing, since this problem has quiet gotten out of hand, but well, that’s how life is; people come and people go.

Honestly speaking, I’ve headed to the write post page in my blog back end without even thinking about anything to write about, just simply writing away, like I’m doing it right now. I might be good in giving advices, sometimes, but advices for myself are the hardest things to find, because I cannot figure out a simple solution to problems I am facing, just like this present one.

It hasn’t been for too long, since this Chedie has existed, to be more keen, since the 11th of December 2007, which sums up a total of 4 months and some days. But within this time, I have learned to know someone, someone who has become special to me and one of the key reasons to paste up a smile upon my face each rainy morning. She’s one of the few people that kept me away from harm, one of the few to cheer me up when I am done, and definitely someone who will stay beside me in times of success (of course) and times of sorrow, which really came to touch me.

But, I have messed up. Things went out of hand the past few days, everything has vanished, everything been forgotten, only poignant emotions are left residing the holes of my heart. Some time back, I think it was March the 30th, when I heard the news that this particular Chedie of mine had someone else, not officially someone, but let’s say there was someone whom she has treated very special and the guy does vice versa.

Of course, I got mad. Very mad! Which has forced me to do things that I wouldn’t have ever done with clear mind, I went on and courted someone. Well, there was no official us that time anymore, but still there was this love between us, and I have failed to stay loyal, as well, she wasn’t very loyal anyways too! 🙁

Quiet confusing, huh? Well, my point out of this whole thing is, that people come and people may go at any point in time, and leave you, leave you forever. Cherish every day that you are sharing with your loved ones, cherish every moment given to you to spend with them, do everything to make both of you happy. Because, that act, may just be the living reminder of a relation so beautiful, a time in our lives so colorful. Which may, with or without notice; fade away..

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