Coming back!

Hello Guys,

if you are one of those people who was able to visit this blog earlier today, then this explanation is for you.
You cannot see the lone content that I had yesterday, because I have backed up some old files from my old database, and see, everything is back to the 1st of May, the day I have made that particular backup. This also counts for my other site, Poetic Notes, whilst BADITS has unfortunately no backup at all.

So, for those who have not visited today but days before,
I have switched my host, and had to move over to my temporary backup file that I had, and this is the only backup that I was able to make during that time, and well, it’s better than nothing at all, don’t you think so too?

So, half of my work has been spared, but there is still lot of stuff to go. So, be prepared guys for the huge comeback from my 7 hour retirement like I’ve announced to my yahoo messenger friends the other night. HAHA

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