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Mindanao Bloggers Christmas Party Update

I’ve been writing about the Mindanao Bloggers Christmas Party a while back and it seems like it didn’ really caught anyones attention. Anyway, the Christmas Party is set for tomorrow, the 27th of December and I’ve got a little problem here right now. I don’t really know what I should give as an exchange gift for the Kris Kringle. I do have decent amount to buy something but being clueless whether or not the one that I’ll draw is a male or female, it appears to be quiet difficult for me to think of something, I’m not really the best in picking gifts.

I’ve been inviting some of my friends to the Mindanao Bloggers Christmas Party, and some of them have confirmed whether to be present or absent on the said event, while there have also been a few who still have to check their schedule and see if the Chritmas Party fits in. It’s good to know that I’ll be able to see friends that have accompanied me for quiet some time in the blogging world. So, if in case you are in the Davao City area tomorrow, and have some vacant time from 8pm onwards until midnight, then you could come and accompany us in celebrating this holiday season together with fellow Mindanao Bloggers; even if you’re not a blogger, but one of my readers, you’re very welcome to attend as this Christmas Party is open to everyone.

The party will be held at theĀ World Palace KTV, last but not the least, you’re set to go providedĀ that you’ve got a hundred and fifty pesos for the food, and as well as let’s say a gift of 150 and above for the exchange gift, that’s what my friend Charles has told me, but he isn’t sure anyway. See you there and hope that we’ll have a lot of time and a worthwhile bonding moment with bloggers away from our blogs.

Mabuhay Mindanao Bloggers!

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My Retreat pre-post

Today, until Monday, I will be gone for a while, because I’ll be attending the fourth year retreat of my dearest section, Yakal which will last for three days. Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

During my absence, I don’t think that there’s anyone who will replace my position on the blog, and I doubt that there’s a need for any temporary replacement, since it’s only a three day absence. I’m looking forward to having a good time with my classmates and to know more about them during our retreat, I’m also pretty much excited but tensed as well about the letters that I will be receiving. I know that there will be a couple of incoming ones, I just don’t know how manny or how less those are.

So, until then, let me announce a short hiatus on my personal blog and wish me all the best in finding inner me and understanding my classmates better during our three day retreat. Let’s hope that this PWC managed event will be kicking off and going on much better than the latter ones.

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Preparation for the I.T Day tomorrow and more

Today was quite an awesome day, even if I have missed the CISAT examination earlier this morning. I woke up at around 8 in the morning, took some time to read other blogs, read the online news and respond to comments left by my friends. Eventually at around 12:45 I went to school and arrived there well, late.

I entered the classroom for like a couple of minutes and was called to proceed to the Lobby for the picture taking of the Computer Club, after doing so, there was no chance that I could go back upstairs to my room since I had to attend the meeting and participate in the procedure for making tomorrow’s I.T Day a nice experience for everyone, by preparing the venue which is set to be the Cultural Pavilion of the Philippine Women’s College of Davao.

Our Club Moderator has prepared a little spot for me in the program, wherein I will host the closing remarks. Well, I really would’ve liked to pursue my talk about a couple of interesting matters that might be helpful and informative for the Students of the academe, but heck, our Principal gave us only a two-hour allotment, and that, between 10AM-12PM. Continue reading Preparation for the I.T Day tomorrow and more

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We can not have everything in life

I don’t know what was going on, I don’tknow what went wrong, all I know is that I have literally, totally messed up. I wasn’t able to succeed in letting Four Yakal be proud of me, winning the Visual Basic Competition in school, because I was only able to take the second slot.

The V.B Programming Contest I’m talking about should actually be a group effort, but heck, I didn’t see any support from any of my groupmates, except Ivan Yap who aided me and reminded me everytime I miss out to add .Caption after every label that I called via the Code Editor. Oh, did I forgot to mention that Ivan was the only person who accompanied me from my section? Continue reading We can not have everything in life

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A Huge Changing Week

I feel confident about the coming week, the week wherein everything will change into a positive way, I just don’t know how, but all I know that there will be major changes going on, in my writing style, with my three active blogs (you’ll know pretty soon which blogs will be my active ones) and of course, from the educational side of things.

My grades will keep on dropping and there will be no ending; the issues that are keeping my mind crowded with whatever I could think of are just piling up, and the only escape that I know right now is blogging, and editing my themes. I just don’t know what else I could do to get rid of this feeling that I have inside right now. No, it’s not Leslie, a good friend of mine who is bugging my mind, it’s my girlfriend who does; or should I say ex girlfriend? Continue reading A Huge Changing Week

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Programming Contest – Visual Basic, pre-post

The contest is still a mile ahead and scheduled for this Monday, but I’m obviously excited on what will be going on and what the contest will be all about. During the past couple of Computer Education Sessions, I’ve managed to handle things quite cool and fast, and if not mistaken, managed to finish first and still take the full percentage from the hands-on assignments, seat works and examinations.

But can I keep my mind on the contest or will something else mind bugging catch all my attention that day?

For all that I know about the contest is that it’ll be one wherein skills in Visual Basic will be put to test, and I’m in honest need to reassert myself in Visual Basic Usage because it’s quite some time now since the last Computer Session that I had in school.

I want to make the total upset come true, I might be in the fourth and “the said to be” doomed last section of the Philippine Women’s College of Davao fourth year, but who said that we are the least competing one in terms of Computer knowledge?

Well, how I wish that someone in school would come to appreciate my online achievements aside the programs and tasks that I have and will accomplish in school.