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Musical Play and New Gravatar :)

An awesome day it was, two days ago, when we had our Musical Play held at our very own Pavillion, I am pretty much against the school I’m in right now, but well, the presentations where from a bit higher level, could this spark the beginning of a revolutionary change or was it just a single time event?

Aside the post from the Musical Excerpt, I’ve written some reasons why yours truly Poet is busy, and of course, I also want to announce something very special and cool.

I’ve got a new Gravatar 😉

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Finally, contact with Germany

Just a couple of moments ago I was able to connect with my Friends from Germany, I was able to send two of the three who emailed me an respond to their mails and well, it can’t be any better, I feel very happy and delighted that I was able to get in touch with them “from the other side” of the Globe.

The people that have contacted me were Markus Kruithoff, Steffen Eickenbusch and Nathalie Wenzlaff, and maybe there might be a couple more that will reach out for me, which would be really awesome.

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