Dear Beauty

First of all, I’d like to welcome everyone to my personal blog. I know it looks ugly, plain and very simple, that’s what I intend with my blog. I don’t need anything fancy for my personal website, do I? πŸ™‚ Ako nga pala si pinoyteen sa multiply πŸ™‚

Contact: popsterkevin / i.believe_11 sa ym or 09153815289
I also made and πŸ™‚

Now, let’s proceed.

Dear Beauty,

I would like to thank you for everything negative that you have done unto Rona. You’ve brought out the best in her, and you’ve made me come to the realization that you are plastic. If not, hard as asphalt. You must have been very intelligent to come up with the idea to let your mother go out, in order to look good to your fellow housemates. I salute you for that move; but we here in the outside world know who you really are and your real intentions. I pity you, because you won’t have a very bright future outside here, a lot of people know your true character, which a lot inside the house haven’t noticed (yet). You may be successful to back off one of the deserving housemates, but the good should always prevail, don’t be so confident, the Philippines decides, not you.

I find it awesome for you to have ever taken the courage to join PBBTEP, with that attitude that you are bringing with you. You are really not deserving to be among them right now, if you would ask the majority of the viewers. You are lucky, ’cause you’re not on the rooster yet. You’re even more luckier because you are the new PIG pet of Kuya. He seems to like you, and have you as his favorite. Wow, you have really mighty power to over rule the decision of the teen council, I wonder what’s the essence of the teen council when you, super piggy can just come along and alter their decision.

At the end, good will always prevail, wether you win or not, the Philippines knows who is the real winner for them, and for a vast majority of the viewers, you are definitelty not the one. Good luck to your plastic performance!

ps: Malapit na birthday ko, ikaw handa ko.

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