Do you believe in Destiny? I personally, don’t. For a matter of fact that I just don’t want to believe in it, because apparently, my destiny has been no good at all. Well, just like this poem!

This poem was written a year or two back, during the creation of a novel-like story known as Wonderful Life on SG.COM, it’s based on a true story, a true event that has taken place in my life, and hers. Our Destiny was simply, not meant to be.


As weeks passed
And time has judged
The feeling i have inside
I knew then that destiny
Lets me stick on you so tight…

Without your smile each single day
I’m living
Without a look into your soul
Nothing i would have right now
There wouldn’t be dust nor wind
Just a plain ‘nothing’ after all..

Survived heartaches and pain
Can’t stand the long term of suffering
Of what i’d regret
Despite i was praying and dreaming again
And you didn’t came along
Alone now i must try to be so strong…

Believed in words spoken with regret
Dreamed dreams about to be
But nothing from them to hear about yet

Since Destiny led me this very way to your heart
And destiny did took us thousand years apart
I still dream that someday
I’ll find a special place
So that in your heart,
I’ll stay..

Destiny doesn’t knows any mercy
Destiny wanted these things to be
Impowered by emotions
Succeeded through dissappointment
finally i made it through,
and with this dedications made for you…

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