Did you know what I went through?

You don’t care really, do you? But anyways, let me tell you. The recent 48 hours have been such a hell to me. I was computer-less (any term like that?) As you may have come to notice, I was unable to post any poem nor any little article here, aside from the competition one. Which I think I badly need to revise, since A LOT OF PEOPLE are really confused in what to do, except for one.

So back to the epicenter of this post. Yeah, do you know what I went through? I’m sure you don’t *lols* I had to carry my CPU all the way from the second floor, down to the car and from the SM City Car Park 4th row up to the 3rd floor of the Mall, to where we are about to repair my computer. Arriving there, there was kinda trouble, you know. It took about 24 hours for my computer to be fixed, and the bill didn’t looked to be pleasant at all. 1.8K for a little error done by my father, that’s so errr..

Now, they’re even forcing me to attend back my old school, but, I just don’t know. 🙁

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