Domain Scam Notices

There are a lot of scam sites out there; much equal to the sites that provide quality domain registration service, like, and more.

Be warned about the following scam sites, I will just post up the text that i have found on a forum, it’s kinda old, but scam sites usually never grow old :p

I got an email from CJ since i am signed up as affiliate for and

The offer was a banner which should advertise for “great commission”, the offer is “unlimited .info domains” for $0.99 each for the rest of January with a certain coupon code.

I wanted to post this since $0.99 is a good price for an *.info

However, what happens is that:

YOu go on or and search for ANY random domain like “kjsdinweiwemsdo”. Then it searches and it takes a while – and it PRE-registers any domainname you enter, it pre-registers *.org and *.info

It shows them as “not avalilable” but directs you to SEDO to “make an offer” to buy the domain.

Just to let you know.


There you have it, just to be informed 🙂

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