Emote Mode this weekend..

Dear Diary,

You won’t believe me maybe, but, yet again; I am quarreling with my loved one, no other than, Alica Kria, who is also known as my Chedie. I don’t know what actually happened / went on! It just came to the point that she suddenly uttered her deep emotional cry [in simple words: her hatred towards me and fragile emotions due to something heartbreaking]. To go further into details, just this recent afternoon that passed by, I went to my favorite after-class hangout, Maloys. Arriving there, the whole cafe was full, all seats taken, and reservations listed. So, I had to wait.. and wait.. and wait.. As then, after 2 hours, finally, woaaa. It was my turn to sit back and relax in front of the computer. BUT [there is always a BUT], just that very second I have logged in, she sent me the tragic message of GOODBYE, stating her tempest feelings about the said FMK [forever marbie kevin] which was an issue already dated for resolved, even a long time ago. Not thinking twice, I immediately logged out and headed home, with the hopes to be able to talk to her about the said issue. But no, my hopes where not meant to be happening, as she was not around. After a couple of minutes of waiting until she got home, I have called her up again, and her response was: “Oh, I have still quite some things to do, try to call me again some other time”. Well, after the grief and disappointment, I headed back to Maloys, with my few pesos and pockets to play my anger out. Somehow, I was able to grab a little consolation, as she texted me like she was worried where I went to. After a couple of unsatisfied in-game occasions, I decided to log out and go home, call her up and to finally settle this quarrel. Yet I was unable to do so. Indeed, I was able to call her up, but there is no sign of peace; as she indeed, seems to be very very mad to me, even until this present minute. I don’t know what to do anymore 🙁 I don’t want to loose her, nor can I afford to loose her 🙁 Hopefully, with this new day coming up, new hopes will rise too. And our love towards one another, becomes even more stronger, even more invincible.

In case you are reading this: I love you my Chedie.

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